Bin Tax Victory - Court orders Corpo to collect non-payers' bins

After a marathon protest and despite the jailing of seven activists from our campaign, Cork Corpo's strategy of bullying the people of the city into paying twice to have their domestic rubbish collected, ended in disarray. The deathblow for the Corpo came with a decision made by the Supreme Court that Cork Corporation has a statuary obligation to collect domestic rubbish within the city.

Despite the fact that it is the Supreme Court that has dealt this blow to Cork Corporation, it has been the ongoing and sustained campaign led by Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC), that is responsible for the victory. By organising weekly protests, by preparing to take the Corpo on head-on and even go to jail, HASC ensured that the issue stayed alive during a difficult period. This has now paid off and everyone can feel proud of the achievement, not least because it will give heart to other campaigns throughout the country.

But where to now? Clearly, the aim should be to continue with the basic but important job of getting more workers in Cork to refuse to pay the Bin tax. With the Corpo losing it's main weapon of threat against people, as a result of the Supreme Court decision, this should be easier. A non-payment poster/ leafleting campaign is vital, particularly in the lead up to the new round of yearly bills.

Although building non-payment might seem obvious, there are clear problems ahead with the probability of a general election. Some activists in HASC will want to see HASC opting for the avenue of 'endorsing a candidate' in the lead up to the election. There is also the possibility that HASC will have some of its resources diverted in this direction. Anarchists oppose this. As we see it is vital to keep the focus in the campaign directed at building 'mass non-payment' and solidarity. This is the real threat to the Corpo's long term strategy and the only sure one that will guarantee us victory.

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