International anti war protests

Since the US announced its 'declaration of war on terrorism', right across the world people have been mobilising against the inevitable onslaught by the US military machine. Although you won't hear about it in the mainstream media, a huge number of these anti-war groups have sprung up in the USA itself.

From Albuquerque in New Mexico to Washington DC, activists have organised to draw attention to the murderous intent of the US military offensive. On Sept 20 for example 'Students for a Peaceful Response' held a nation-wide protest that drew support form 150 different campuses across the US. In Berkeley in California, over 5000 students turned. Protests have also spread beyond the traditional big city and industrial heartland to more 'conservative' area like the mid-West.

Outside the USA, anti-war activist groups are to be found in Canada, Central and South America, in Australia and New Zealand - in almost every place where it is possible to organise without suffering direct repression from the states forces.

Although this massive mobilisation has taken place in almost spontaneous circumstances, its arrival at one level should not surprise us. Partly as a result of the US's 'disgraced' role in world politics - remember Vietnam, Grenada, Nicaragua; partly also as a result of the massive and worldwide 'anti-globalisation' struggles, there is nowadays a far wider and deeper suspicion of any international action by the US military machine. The US is also clearly linked in the eyes of many people with an economic strategy ("neo-liberalism") that has brought misery and poverty to huge numbers. In such a situation, there is little support for a US military attack that is likely to pulverise one of the poorest countries in the world.

Kevin Doyle

Workers Solidarity

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