Women on Waves ship at Dublin and Cork

Ireland's silence about abortion was dramatically broken when the Women on Waves ship visited Dublin and Cork. Over 6,000 Irish women travel to British clinics each year but our rulers pretend that there is no demand for abortion. The most recent opinion poll, conducted by Landsdowne Market Research for the Abortion Reform grouping, showed that 79% of people would allow abortion in some circumstances. This means they do not agree with the bishops and bigots that abortion is murder. 22% supported a 'right to choose' position.

WSM members were involved in the committee which brought the ship to Ireland, publicised its visit, organised security and hosted a public rally of support. Unlike some activists who were frightened that the visit was "provocative" and "premature" we argued that this was an excellent opportunity to restart the public debate about abortion rights. Now let's be confident and step up the battle to win real choice for women.

More info: http://struggle.ws/abortion_wsm.html

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This edition is No65 published in July 2001