Fighting Nice and Getting involved

The ruling class got an almighty slap in the face when we voted to reject the Nice Treaty. The Workers Solidarity Movement and other anarchists campaigned for a 'no' vote because we opposed the proposed EU army (the Rapid Reaction Force) and the neo-liberal agenda of privatising public services like water supply, health and education.

Thousands of anarchist leaflets went in doors from Donegal to Dublin, from Sligo to Kildare. Posters went up and neighbours were canvassed.

It is a deliberate lie when the chattering pundits of Dublin 4 claim that the entire 'no' vote was right wing, isolationist and fundamentalist Catholic. Dana, Youth Defence and the rest of that crowd did not deliver all the 'no' votes.

The internationalist and 'anti-globalisation' forces won support on a progressive and working class basis. We are very happy to have played our part in showing that there is an alternative to the projects of both the EU bosses and the 'back to the 1950s' brigade.

Now the job is to build a broad movement against the bosses' globalisation and privatisation plans, and within that movement to create a specifically libertarian network. Such a network is needed to make the case for maximum democracy and to popularise an alternative based on a sustainable economy run by working class people in our own interests.

The Workers Solidarity Movement aims to spread anarchist ideas and anarchist methods of organisation among the working class and among people fighting exploitation. At the moment, as well as producing this paper six times a year, we also produce a magazine 'Red & Black Revolution' twice a year, and an occasional newssheet 'Anarchist News'. Members of the WSM are actively involved in trade union struggles, the fight against racism, the campaign against double tax bin charges, and in helping to build the growing anti-capitalist movement.

With our relatively small numbers, there is a limit to what we can do. That's why we need people like you to get involved. If you've liked what you've read in this paper, maybe you'd be willing to take a few copies to distribute among your friends or workmates. The more people who read the ideas, the more people who get involved in struggle, the sooner we will reach our objective - a world free of poverty and exploitation, a world where freedom is a reality for all.

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This edition is No65 published in July 2001