Aims & Principles of the Syndicalist Solidarity Network

1) The Syndicalist Solidarity Network is a working class organisation.

2) The Syndicalist Solidarity Network seeks to secure for all workers, a full and equal share of the wealth and social benefits created by the combined labour of our class. The Syndicalist Solidarity Network also seeks to secure a full and equal role for all workers in decision making processes in our workplaces and throughout society as a whole.

3) The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. Between those two classes a struggle must go on until the workers of the world organise as a class and take possession of the machinery of production. Thus replacing the state, capitalism and wage slavery with industrial democracy, direct workers control of industry and society, ensuring production and distribution for need - not profit.

4) It is the aim of the Syndicalist Solidarity Network to highlight attacks being directed against the working class, in our workplaces and communities, and to organise and promote resistance to any such attacks by use of direct action. Direct action is any form of struggle under the direct control of those involved, without reliance on politicians, Trades Union bureaucrats or any other would be leaders acting on our 'behalf'.

5) We advocate direct workers control of their struggles and oppose any sell outs by the Trades Union bureaucracy.

6) The Syndicalist Solidarity Network takes an active part within the existing labour movement, agitating in defence of pay and working conditions, while helping to build a spirit of confidence amongst our fellow workers in order that we may, together, go on the offensive against the bosses.

7) We oppose the sectionalism which exists in our workplaces between different grades of worker. This sectionalism is often reinforced by the existence of several Trades Unions and is promoted and ruthlessly exploited by the employer. Meaningful solidarity will overcome existing Trades Union barriers.

8) We reject the notion, propagated by Government, the employers and the Trades Union bureaucracy, of 'Social Partnership' between workers, bosses and government. The bosses are not our partners.

9) The Syndicalist Solidarity Network works towards the formation of industrially organised Revolutionary Syndicalist Unions in order that we may become better organised in our struggle against the bosses. Any such unions must be under the direct control of their members. In order to assure full participation in and control over our organisation by its membership we oppose centralism with libertarian federalism whereby all decisions are made directly by the membership.

10) Organising industrially we shall cut across the barriers of trades sectionalism in order to more effectively unite workers in their common struggle. Such unions will build effective class organisation in order not only to win improvements within Capitalism but ultimately to win the class war with its overthrow through the Social General Strike. The Social General Strike is the means by which workers shall take control of our land, factories and workplaces it is the start of a truly social revolutionary transformation of society.

11) The Syndicalist Solidarity Network rejects Parliamentary Democracy and Party Politics as at best a distraction and a sham. We are not in the business of building, nor do we support any, political parties. The interests of the working class cannot be pursued in the halls of political power and intrigue, our real strength lies in our communities and, even more so, at the point of production.

12) Party political interests, nationalism and sectarianism, divide our class and turn us against one another while the bosses inflict defeat after defeat upon us. Likewise, we cannot tolerate any divisions based on bigotry and ignorance which stand against equality and the right of people to control their own lives. We must organise along class lines if we are to secure a better future for ourselves, our fellow workers and society as a whole.

13) The Syndicalist Solidarity Network rejects the notions of various 'left-wing' parties, the would be 'vanguards' of the working class, that the state can be 'conquered' and used against the bosses. Government, no matter on whose behalf, has always rested on domination and exploitation, it is an inherently repressive institution and as such beyond reform. The basic function of the state - that is the courts and prisons, the army and police, civil service and other state institutions - is to defend the interests of the bosses. Government is a top down institution which puts power into the hands of the few. All efforts at creating a 'Workers state' have only led to further oppression of the workers themselves as those in power consolidated and strengthened their positions.

14) Our class exists the world over, and we have a common struggle the world over. We are therefore internationalists, opposing all political and geographic borders, and instead organising with other workers towards world-wide workers unity in face of global capital and government oppression.

15) Capitalism is causing untold damage to our environment in the name of ever increasing profit. We defend our environment against capitalist exploitation.

To the Syndicalist Solidarity Network