Footnotes to the Kronstadt Commune

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The Kronstadt Events: Background

1. Poukhov: 'The Kronstadt rebellion of 1921'. State Publishing House. 'Young Guard' edition, 1931. In the series: 'Stages of the Civil War'. 2. This resolution was subsequently endorsed by all the Kronstadt sailors in General Assembly, and by a number of groups of Red Army Guards. It was also endorsed by the whole working Population of Kronstadt in General Assembly. It became the political programme of the insurrection. It therefore deserves a careful analysis. 3. The accusation was made in answer to a question put to Trotsky by Wedelin Thomas, a member of the New York Commission of Enquiry into the Moscow Trials. 4. Whom has history vindicated in this matter? Shortly before his second stroke, Lenin was to write ('Pravda', 28th. January, 1923): "Let us speak frankly. The inspection now enjoys no authority whatsoever.


This article part of Ida Mett's 'The Kronstadt Commune'

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