Documents on methods of anarchist organisation

These are various articles discussing organisational methods and organisations in the anarchist movement today from different sources.

On Revolutionary Organisation what sort of organisation do we need to MAKE a revolution

Building Links between movements

If the question is how do we build links between different groups and movements, the answer has to be another question. Why do you want to build links? In each instance, what is your aim. I say in each instance because it should be recognised that there are many different levels at which links between groups can operate.

The Tyranny of Structurelessness [1970]
During the years in which the women's liberation movement has been taking shape, a great emphasis has been placed on what are called leaderless, structureless groups as the main form of the movement. by Jo Freeman

Class struggle anarchist discussion list

Details of the Organise list

A practical guide to anarchist organisation

Idea on how to find a local anarchist group, get involved or even organise one yourself

The Final Issue of the British paper Class War

Reactions to the final issue

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On Syndicalism

Debate on the Platform

The Organisational Platform of the Libertarain communists was produced by exiles from the Russiand Revolution and others in 1926. This page links to the text of that document and others produced by major international anarchist figures of the time about it.

The WSM introduction to Platformism and Ireland

Who were the Friends of Durruti

Archive on the Anarchist Workers Group

The Intercontinental Gatherings for Humanity and against Neoliberalism

Anarchist banner

WSM talks

Modern revolutions or is revolution still possable

With the fracture of the working class into smaller workplaces, mostly due to automation, the division of the old communities into suburbs, the advent of mass transport which meant even those in the suburbs no longer worked together, the move into white collar and skilled jobs, In short that the revolution although desirable is now utopian.

The tasks facing anarchists in Ireland

The Workers Solidarity Movement was formed in 1984. Our starting point was that the working class has the power to overthrow capitalism and create an anarchist society. Our role is to convince our class that this is possible; to win the battle of ideas against the authoritarian solutions of social democracy, nationalism and leninism; and to popularise anarchist ideas and methods.

Prospects for revolution

We are living in a time of great change for the left. For this century the left has been identified with social-democracy (Labour, WP etc.) who saw socialism as being introduced through a few good men taking getting elected through parliament. Or by Leninists who saw socialism as a few good men being put into power by a revolution.

The future for the left

What does the collapse of Stalinism mean for us. Why do we always emphasise the Working Class ? IF it does exist and we wish to relate to it how should we do so ? How do we get from our present situation of marginalisiation to now where our ideas have widespread currency ? Is a socialist revolution possible ?

Do we need an anarchist federation?

However, in Ireland, our numbers are very small and most comrades have little political experience. Few have been through years of struggling and learning in the trade unions and campaigns. We are a very weak and inexperienced movement. It must seem worthwhile to investigate the possibility of uniting in an Irish Anarchist Federation.

Fragment on organisation

I want to start by looking at the main alterantive to anarchist methods of organisation, Democratic Centralism.

Platformism in action

The Workers Solidarity Movement was formed in 1984. Prior to this the late 1970s and early 1980s had seen the first episodes of public anarchist activity with the emergence of local anarchist groups, many of them short-lived, in Belfast, Dublin, Dundalk and Limerick.