Ideas & Action 2001

Irish anarchist gathering
March 31st from 5pm

North Star Hotel, Dublin (opp. Connolly station)

The Workers Solidarity Movement is holding an Irish anarchist gathering in Dublin on March 31st.

The gathering will be a chance to meet members of the WSM and other Irish anarchists. Apart from the formal discussion these sort of gathering are very useful chances to get to know people (and maybe find others who live near you)

We will also have a bookstall at the event with the full range of anarchist material our book service carries.

We will be organising some sort of social event in the evening and if there is sufficient interest a meeting early on the Sunday of people interested in actively building anarchism in Ireland. This session would like at the short term practical details of what we should and can do.

We strongly encourage you to attend this event. If you need accommodation and bring a sleeping bag we will be able to put you up on Saturday night (and on Friday if needed). If you do need accommodation please contact us by the 24th of March.

Ideas and Action

Irish anarchist gathering March 31st from 5pm

North Star Hotel, Dublin (opp. Connolly station)

Introduction - 11:30 [All sessions will start on time so arrive early]

Local or global trade 12:00 - 13.15
The media started referring to the protests against the various global summits as 'anti-capitalist' after the June 18 City of London and S26 Seattle demonstrations. But while we welcome this label others in the movement see themselves as being opposed to global trade by large corporations and not necessarily local, sustainable trade. Speaker invited from Feasta.

Racism in Ireland - What it is and how it can be fought 14:00- 15.15
The growth in racism during an economic boom in Ireland is something that every activist should oppose. Where has this racism emerged from and how is it being fought today? There are core issues that we agree on but this session should also provide a good opportunity for activists to debate some of the areas where we disagree. Speaker invited from Anti-Fascist Action.

How do we build anarchism in Ireland today? 15.30 - 17.00

Ian McKay, one of the principle authors of the Anarchist FAQ, explains why anarchism is required for freedom. A WSM speaker talks about how we are building anarchism in Ireland today and how you can help. Speaker also invited from Belfast local of Syndicalist Solidarity Network.


Childcare - if you would like to attend but would need child care please contact us by the 24th of March


March 31st - Report on Ideas and Action 2001 [with photos]

Saturday March 31st saw the third Irish anarchist gathering to be held under the title of Ideas and Action, this time in the North Star Hotel, Dublin. In terms of numbers this was the most successful gathering to date with around 70 people attending at least one of the three sessions.