Army terrorizing 10 de Abril

June/July 2000

To National and International Civil Society
To the National and International Press.
To Human Rights Organizations.

We are denouncing: that on the 22nd of this month, a helicopter flew past at 12:50 PM (rebel time) and only took photographs.

Today, at 10:00 AM, a Federal Army helicopter flew very low overhead, circling, and it attempted to land in the soccer field, where several children were playing, and the women became scared then, because it did not stop circling for 10 minutes. Frightened, they ran to their houses.

The men had left to work in their pastures and fields.

We know that these and other actions are being ordered by the bad government in order to terrorize the zapatista indigenous communities days prior to the federal elections.

Auxiliary Municipal Agent 10 de Abril

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. And the Contact Office for the EZLN Consulta _______________________ Translated by irlandesa

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