EZLN - Labor Law & Industry and Commerce Law

Labor Law: Additions to the Present Law

The following laws will be added to the current Federal Labor Law in the zones controlled by the EZLN.

First: Foreign companies will pay their workers an hourly salary in national money equivalent to what would be payed in dollars outside the country.

Second: National companies will increase their workers' salaries monthly, by a percentage determined by a local Prices and Salaries Commission. Said Commission will be composed of representatives of the workers, settlers, land-owners, business people and the freely and democratically elected authorities. The reduction of current salaries will in no way be permitted.

Third: All workers in the countryside and the cities will receive free medical care in any public or private health center, hospital or clinic. The medical costs will be covered by the employers.

Fourth: Every worker will have a right to a certain amount of non-transferable stock in the company for which they work, the exact quantity to be determined by the number of years that the worker has worked for the company--this in addition to their current pensions. The monetary value of said stock will be used for the worker's retirement, by his wife or by his beneficiary.

Industry and Commerce Law

First: The prices of basic products will be regulated by a local Prices and Salaries Commission. Said Commission will be composed of workers, settlers, land owners, merchants and the freely and democratically-elected authorities. Increases in the prices of basic products cannot, in any way, be more than increases in salaries.

Second: The hoarding of any product is prohibited. Hoarders will be detained and turned over to the military authorities, accused of sabotage and treason to the country.

Third: The commerce of a given region should be able to ensure the provision of tortillas and bread for all in time of war.

Fourth: The industries and businesses that the landowners consider unproductive, and attempt to close in order to carry away the machinery and raw materials, will be passed to the management of the workers, and the machinery will become the property of the nation.

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