Winds of War and Repression

Mexico, D.F. August 25, 1999.

To the people of Mexico
To the peoples of the World
To the National and International Press

The winds of War and Repression that are emanating from the lands of the Powers are threatening in every corner of our country. In the southeast, in the brother state of Chiapas, and in the center, in the highest university, the UNAM.

Most seriously, these winds are going to the extreme of wanting to silence the voices of we who are saying, "STOP THE WAR," and they are threatening with their word of war and destruction.

At dawn today, upon leaving the sit-in at the Angel de la Independencia, companero Diego Garcia's car was struck by a white "Stratus," without license plates, with the obvious intention of attacking him. When he got out of his car, our companero was only able to hear,"FOR CHIAPAS, FIRST CALL," while fleeing from his attackers. It should be noted that the previous day he had been followed by a similar car.

We are making a call to Civil Society in general to protest against the climate of intimidation they are trying to impose, in response to our open and public position against the war and in support of our indigenous brothers.

We hold Diodoro Carrasco, the Secretary of Government, responsible for any assault or attack against our companeros.



FZLN - DF Javier Elorriaga Enrique Avila

Originally published in Spanish by the Zapatista Front of National Liberation 
Translated by irlandesa
Date: Wednesday, August 25, 1999

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