Zedillo 'to finish Zapatismo you will have to kill thousands'

February 10, 1995

To Mr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon
Mexico, D.F.

Mr. Ernesto Zedillo,
we do not know where you come up with so much money to move hundreds of tanks, helicopters, and thousands of federal troops to kill Mexicans and Indians. We the Zapatista Indigenous know that our country is in an economic crisis, that you have been reducing the salary to workers, you raised the price of goods, but nevertheless, you spent so much money in the mobilization of your troops. You, Mr. Zedillo, believe that by killing indigenous people and other social fighters for our country, that you are going to finish with Zapatismo. You, Mr. Zedillo, want to end with the indigenous struggle because you consider it a nuisance to remain in power and to continue profiting at the expense of the blood of many Mexicans. But that is not all, Mr. Zedillo will be inscripted in our history books as the powerful rulers of the past who like you has wanted to finish with, to erase from our Mexico, the revolutionary figures like Hidalgo, Allende, Aldama, Morelos, Zapata, Villa, as you are doing now with the present Zapatistas.

But you better know, Mr., that you can kill our bodies, but not ever the ideals of the people who struggle, you can cut our leaves and our trunks but never our roots. We want to tell you also, Mr. Zedillo, that you can spent the 40 billion dollars to spill with indigenous and mestiza blood our Mexican soil. And you can ask for more dollars from the United States to modernize you army and to kill the indigenous people who struggle, to kill Mexicans, to kill children from Mexico and Chiapas, to kill your compatriots, as you fancy yourself.

Mr. Zedillo, we accuse you as traitor to the homeland. Because all the money you have received from the United States you spent it to kill Mexicans. You, Mr. Zedillo, are selling piece by piece our homeland. You fancy yourself in saying that your troops are acting without mistreating the population, without producing fights against our Zapatista troops. You lied once again, Mr. Zedillo, and the indigenous people are living through the pressures of the soldiers, they are bombing us and using machine guns against us. They are killing of hunger our children when we are not able to be in our homes to prepare the little food we have left.

If you, Mr. Zedillo, do not size up the consequences that could bring this war you have declared on us. If what you want is to kill the people and not allow to find, along with the indigenous people, along with civic society, a political solution to this problem, we ask from the whole world for their support. Become aware of the type of government we have in Mexico.

We want to clarify also that we do not belong to any other force or organization, besides our Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN). You, along with your accomplices, are accussing us of being terrorists, drug traffickers, delinquents, etc. But we want to tell you the truth, if you don't know it, the delinquents, terrorists, drug traffickers are yourselfs. The same ones who make up your cabinet, they are your own soldiers who traffic with drugs, who force the indigenous peasants to grow mariguana and other narcotic drugs. Have you not become aware of this, perhaps, Mr. Zedillo? We the Zapatistas are aware of it. Because we live with our people. We are the same ones who have fought against the harvest of drugs, against the trafic of drugs that your own soldiers carry out and have done inside the territories that we have controlled.

You, Mr. Zedillo, are accusing us of many things we do not recognise. The weapons that we have today, we got through your state police, public security forces, and federal soldiers, because they can do traffic with weapons. That is the proffession that your armed forces have, Mr. Zedillo,: arms traffickers, drug traffickers. Therefore, they are the drug addicts, the delinquents, and the terrorists.

The EZLN has the honor of being the clean fighters of our people and our homeland. It is true, we have experienced and tried other types of struggles for the benefit of our people. But they were not sufficient to make them understand, the great powerful ones who rule our Mexican nation.

Subcomandante Marcos has been with us, besides our people. Since more than eleven years ago, he has lived, has eaten the same as us, has suffered the sames as us. And each step that our Zapatista struggle has given, has been done with the decision of our people. Our struggle is just and we do not fear you, Mr. Zedillo.

Therefore, Mr. Zedillo, If you truely have honor and the pride of being Mexican, do not order to kill our people. Lower the tension that you have against Subcomandante Marcos. Because in Mexico there are many Marcos who will continue this struggle. You are greatly mistaken with the decision you have taken against us. You believe that by killing the Zapatistas of Chiapas or by killing Subcomandante Marcos you can finish with this struggle. That is not the case, Mr. Zedillo. The Zapatista struggle is throughout Mexico. Zapata has not died. He lives and will live forever.

We the indigenous people know well Subcomandante Marcos. And we will not allowed that anything happens to him. And, if something happens to him, we are not going to remain with arms crossed. Because the Zapatistas do not betray the blood of our dead ones.

We, of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee (CCRI), want to know if it is your last word the one of war and the killing of Mexicans and Indigenous people, or the capture of all Zapatistas. We don't have any option left already but to defend ourselves. We are ready for your wishes, but not to betray our cause. You can capture and torture us if you wish. And you can use part of the 40 billion dollars to make the jails bigger. Because with what you have right now there is no space for a quarter of the Mexicans and the Zapatistas in Chiapas. Because to finish Zapatismo you will have to kill thousands of children and civilians, indigenous and mestizos.

We want to know if this is your last word for now, Mr. Zedillo. We have the order to retreat, to avoid a confrontation with your army. But if that is the case, we are ready. Because, we, the Indigenous people, don't have anything to loose, and we are councious and ready to die if necessary. We are not afraid of dead. Because we have been always the dead ones alive. We don't have anything but missery. exploitation, and lack of liberty and justice and democracy in our country. We tell the truth, which is what you powerful ones want to hide from the people of Mexico. We have the hope that some day, our people our people will live with dignity and justice, with peace but with dignity and justice.

We remind you, Mr. Zedillo, that the Zapatistas are willing to dialogue and to find a political solutions to our problems. And we placed more conditions for the ceasefire so to allow later the dialogue. But you have responded by ordering more soldiers, more planes, more helicopters, tanks, and militarizing more the state of Chiapas. Then, how do you want us to respond? You want us to bow our head again?

You want us to kneel before you as you are accustomed?

No Mr. Zedillo. I believe that you know well that the indigenous people have more than 500 years of marginalization and exploitation from the powerful ones like you. But don't waste yourself on threaths, because this way you will not achieve anything with us.

We repeat our disposicion to dialogue and to give a political solution to this problem. But under the condition to lower the tension that you have against Subcomandante Marcos, and under the conditions that you already know. Because otherwise, you will not achieve anything but to dirty your hands with Mexican blood.

Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee,
General Command of the EZLN,

This a translation by the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, of the latest EZLN communiques, received in handwritten form

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