The release of Fernando Yanez Munoz

Mexico, October 27, 1995

To the people of Mexico:
To the peoples and governments of the world:
To the national and international press:

Brothers and sisters:

The Zapatista Army for National Liberation hereby makes its observations regarding the most recent events in Mexico.

First.- By means of a radio broadcast we have learned that the Federal Attorney General (PGR) has asked for the withdrawl of the criminal charges against Fernando Yanez Munoz, detained illegally on October 21, 1995 and accused of carrying weapons "planted" by federal agents in order to justify his imprisonment. In addition we have learned that Mr. Yanez Munoz has regained his freedom.

Second.- Fernando Yanez Munoz is accused of being one of the leaders of the EZLN, and has been pursued since February 9, 1995. However, the arrest order that hung over him was suspended through the legislation that initiated the dialogue for peace. For that reason his arrest was a grave violation of the law established March 11, 1995, a mockery of the Republic's Congress and the legislators who make up Cocopa, and a threat of reactivating the arrest orders against the EZLN.

Third.- Again the mobilization of the Mexican civil society and of its most representative organizations, as well as the firmness of the legislators of the Commission for Harmony and Pacification, were able to frustrate the destabilizing intentions of the law breakers and were able to gain the freedom of Fernando Yanez Munoz.

Fourth.- The EZLN salutes this demonstration of the will to peacefully dialogue in the Mexican civic society and among the legislators of COCOPA. At the same time we ratify our distrust in the supreme government, in its two-facedness and its unstable political will.

Fifth.- This failed blow to the peace process in Chiapas reflects the internal battles among the powerful. On one side are the ones who are for the path of dialogue and negotiation as the means for resolving the conflicts. On the other side are those who plan to squelch with force and brutality all attempts to change. The liberation of Mr. Yanez Munoz is an appreciated gesture of the political will that exists in some sectors of the powerful in order to maintain the space for dialogue for peace. The resolution of this internal contradiction within the powerful will be resolved in favor of the politics of peace if the civic society insists in mobilizing in order to make their commitment to peace and democracy clear.

Sixth.- The economic crisis, that with the illegal detention of Mr. Yanez Munoz was apparent in these days, is the proof that the destablization and chaos are a project of the powerful and not of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. The economic instability will continue as the result of the lack of democracy and of the terrorism of the State.

Seventh.- The authors of the illegal detention of Mr. Yanez Munoz should be sought among those who enriched themselves with the fall of the Stock Market and the devaluation of the dollar in relation to the peso. They are the ones wanting war, the ones conducting the business of destablization, and are the real subversives of the country.

Eighth.- The EZLN calls upon the national and international civic society to reinforce their vigilence of the dialogue process, to increase their participation in the rings of peace and the peace camps in Los Altos, the Jungle, and Northern Chiapas, and that they demand that the government comply with the law and the agreements that have developed through the dialogue and the negotiations for a just and dignified peace for Mexicans.

Ninth.- The EZLN salutes the genuine commitment to peace that the COCOPA is demonstrating, and recognizes the attitude of commitment and firmness of some of its members and exhorts everyone to continue in their work of helping the process of dialogue.

Tenth.- With the judicial situation with regard to the dialogue returning to normal, the General Command of the EZLN has suspended the order of red alert given to its troops, and the Zapatista military members have already returned to their positions in the mountains without further events. The delegates of the EZLN to the dialogue of San Andres are already taking up their activities in preparation for the next phase of the Table on Indigenous Rights and Culture, and in the explanation of what was discussed in the Work groups to the indigenous communities who sympathize with our just cause.

Brothers and Sisters: The CCRI-CG of the EZLN has renewed contacts with the National Commission of Mediation (CONAI) with the goal of normalizing the process of dialogue and negotiation that had been seriously beaten with this illegal act. The EZLN reiterates: our commitment is not with war, not with destablization and illegality. Our commitment is for a just, dignified, democratic, legitimate and new peace.

The EZLN continues forward with the dialogue and the negotiations in order to achieve a just and dignified peace for Mexico.


>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee
--General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation
Mexico, October, 1995

La Jornada, Oct. 30

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