The EZLN is giving an unequivocable signal of its willingness to continue the road of dialogue

April 5, 1995

To the people of Mexico:
To the peoples and governments of the world:
To the national and international press:


We send these, our words, to inform you about the dialogue between the EZLN and a representation of the federal government:

First.- In view of the lack of security for a direct and public meeting between the EZLN and the representatives of the federal government, the CCRI-CG of the EZLN sent a proposal of epistlary dialogue whose goal was to achieve an agreement regarding a direct meeting between representatives of the Secretary of Government and the EZLN.

Second.- The Secretary of Government, understanding the importance of ensuring the security of a meeting of this nature and to avoid possible conflicts, accepted our proposal.

Third.- After an intense exchange of letters, facilitated by the work of the National Mediation Commission, and having contemplated diverse solutions to the problems of initiating a dialogue between the parties, finally today we came to a serious and respectful agreement so that this direct meeting among the representatives of the parties could occur.

Fourth.- The Zapatista representation demonstrated its understanding of the need to give, for its part, a decisive demonstration of its genuine will to dialogue, and agreed to conduct the first meeting that will open the door to a political solution. At risk to their lives, security and goods, the representatives of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation agreed to meet immediately and directly with representatives of the supreme government.

Fifth.- This first meeting will be held, by common agreement, on April 9, 1995 in the "San Miguel" collective farm, in the municipality of "Francisco Gomez" (previously known as Ocosingo). The agenda for this first meeting will consist of two principal points:
a).-The discussion and, in case, approval of the so-called "principles" of the "Basic Protocol for the Dialogue and Negotiation of an Agreement of Peace with Justice and Dignity".
b).-The discussion and, in case, approval of the site, date and agenda for the following meeting of the initiated dialogue.

Other points will be addressed in this first session of the dialogue, as they are agreed upon in this meeting by the delegates of the respective representations.

Sixth.- The EZLN has accepted with all seriousness this first meeting, and for the same reason, has designated a high-level delegation, composed of members of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee-General Command, to attend this meeting. Our delegates attend with the command to get agreeements in the two points of the agreed upon agenda. In this way the EZLN is giving an unequivocable signal of its willingness to continue the road of dialogue and political negotiation in order to resolve the conflict.

Seventh.- The Zapatista Army for National Liberation informs the people of Mexico, as is its custom, of this important step and makes an courteous invitation to the national and international Press, to the non-governmental organizations, and to the civic society in general to attend this first meeting and to follow with attention the entire process of dialogue and negotiation if it is initiated.

>From the mountains of southeastern Mexico.
Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee -- General Command
of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Mexico, April 1995

La Jornada April 8 pg. 18

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