No one has abandoned our lines

February 27, 1995

To the people of Mexico;
To the peoples and governments of the world;
To the national and international press:

Brothers and sisters:

The CCRI-CG of the EZLN says the following:

FIRST. In relation to the false news distributed by the Attorney General and some communicatio media locally and nationally, regarding the idea that members of our EZLN have deserted our lines and are turning in themselves over to the forces of the bad government, as well as the allegations of the supposed deserters that they were promised monetary pay and that they never received it, and other lies of this type, the CCRI-CG of the EZLN points the following:

a) that the EZLN is an organization to which one enters and leaves freely and voluntarily. No renumeration exists, either in money or script, for the honor of serving as a soldier in our lines. From the highest levels of leadership, this CCRI-CG, to the smallest of the sympathizers of our just cause, no member of the EZLN receives any pay or script. Our only pay is the satisfaction of a responsibility fulfilled, and the hope for a better, more just and more humane world for our children.

b) That no combattant of the EZLN has abandoned our lines. Our rolls are complete, and our units remain firm in their positions, awaiting orders from the supreme command of the EZLN, this CCRI-CG.

SECOND. With its lies of supposed Zapatista desertions, the supreme government tries to trick the people of Mexico and the peoples and governments of the world, and to hide the truth: the desertions of dozens of federal soldiers in the front lines of the governmental offensive, in the Lacandon jungle, who fled abandoning weapons, supplies, and equipment, and hiding their uniforms. The desertors ask for civilian clothes in the villages and flee towards Palenque, Ocosingo, La Independencia, Trinitaria, and towards the Guatamala border. These soldiers prefer to abandon the lines of the bad government before confronting their brothers and countrymen.

THIRD. Using the displaced as puppets, to present them as "Zapatista deserters", and hiding the low morale in their own lines, the bad government tries to elevate the prestige of its action. But the lie only produces failures.

FOURTH. Lying will not resolve the conflict. Only clear signs and demonstrations of a will to dialogue will allow it to advance.

Clandestin Revolutionary Indigenous Committee
General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army,

(translated by Cindy Arnold, volunteer, National Commission for Democracy in Mexico)

Jornada March 5

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