Don't stop the mobilizations for peace

February 23, 1995

To the people of Mexico
To the peoples and governments of the world
To the national and international press

Brothers and sisters:

Because of the ultimate happenings, the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee, General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation declares the following:

1. The supposed will for dialogue of Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon is false. While he talks of a political and legal solution, his armies continue advancing in the Lacandon jungle, spreading terror among the civilians, detaining people illegally, robbing and destroying.

2. The federal Army has been dedicated systematically to the sacking of the poor houses of the indigenous campesinos, to the robbing of their cooperative stores, to the destruction of their agricultural fields, to the poisoning of their food, to the pillaging of the livestock in the communities. Proof of all of this can be gathered among the civilian population and in the collective farms of La Garrucha, El Prado, San Juan, Sultana, Nueva Estrella, Las Tazas, La Union, La Grandeza, Ibarra, laguna Santa Elena, Guadalupe Tepeyac, Vicente Guerrero, Nuevo Momon, and many others, all of them communities in the Lacandon jungle. Their homes destroyed, sacked stores, grain foods poisoned with chemicals, strafed with artillery fire in the coffee plantations and corn fields, trucks and trucks of the federal Army full of the livestock of the communities, all of this we are living today in the Lacandon jungle within the supposed "Social Work" of the federal Army and the vigilence of the "Social Tranquility".

3. His current solutions are idle statements, and letting time pass, Zedillo bets that the Zapatistas and the civil society, who has mobilized to detain the war, will tire. Zedillo tries to please the foreign capital so that they will help with the financial crisis.l

4. The Zapatista National Liberation Army is making a call to the national and international civil society so that they do not stop their mobilizations to reach a just and dignified peace for the Mexican indigenous.


>From the mountains of Southeastern Mexico
for the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee,
General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Subcomandante Insurgent Marcos
February 1995

Major Ana Maria, Comandante David, Comandante Javier and Comandante Felipe

Jornada, Feb. 27 pg. 13
(translated by Cindy Arnold, volunteer, National Commission for Democracy in Mexico)

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