The murders in Guerrero at Aguas Blancas

July 15, 1995

To the people of Mexico:
To the peoples and governments of the world:
To the national and international press:

Brothers and sisters:

With regard to the recent repressive events in the state of Guerrero, we declare the following:

First.- The assassination of the campesino brothers in Guerrero makes up part of the government's policy of intolerance. The supreme government responds with violence to the peaceful mobilizations. The evil government is the origin of the violence and not the people who struggle for their rights.

Second.- The group called "Southern Sierra Campesino Organization" which the murdered brothers belonged to is accused of having ties with our Zapatista Army for National Liberation, as if assassinating Zapatistas lessened the guilt of the government. But the EZLN does not have any relations with the Southern Sierra Campesino Organization (OCSS) and this accusation only tries to move the attention of public opinion away from the reality: the reign of political bosses in the Mexican countryside.

Third.- Actions like what has taken place in the state of Guerrero, where violence is the response to peaceful mobilizations, are what produces war and political instability. The political bosses who govern Guerrero with evil should leave and have to appear before the justice system.

Fourth.- We show our moral support for the brothers of OCSS and we hope that this blow does not cause them to lose heart in the struggle for what is their right: justice.


>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast
Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee
--General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation. Mexico. July 1995

La Jornada July 20, 1995
(translated by Cindy Arnold, National Center for Democracy, Liberty)

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