The only choice is democracy or authoritarianism

June 30 1995.

To the people of Mexico:
To the peoples and governments of the world:

Brothers and Sisters:

The Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee-General Command and supreme command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation says its word in regards to recent events in Mexico.

FIRST. The State-Party system continues to try to resolve its internal crisis using electoral fraud, selective crime, mass assassination, repression, intolerance, and the militarization of the life of the nation, instead of favoring a nation opening democratic channels in its politics and re-orienting the economy to be sensitive to the majority, the state-party continues with its intransigence of imposing an economic model that submerges large section of the mexican people in misery and desperation.

SECOND.The announcement of electoral crimes in Tabasco and Yucatan were ignored by the Supreme Government; the assassination of the Magistrate Polo Uscanga confirms that the Salinas "method" of "Making politics" did not end with Carlos Salinas de Gortari of Los Pinos; the massive assassination of the indigenous people in Guerrero is the government's response to the peaceful mobilizations and the ratification of the government's indigenous political policy; the repression towards different citizen movements has become daily news; the intolerance for homosexuals and lesbians is an attempt to hide its hypocritical and corrupt morals, and the illegal militarization of mexico City is only an advancement of the real political project of the State-party system.

THIRD. The removal of Esteban Moctezuma Barragan from Interior Secretary and his replacement by Emilio Chuayffet is only part of the game of the double face of the Supreme Government: the false option between the "hardliners" and the "soft" in the administration of a country whose destiny will be decided by the international financial centers and heads of the world-wide narcotics traffic.

FOURTH. Once again the state of Chiapas is where the government exercises the politics of the "white face and the mano negra [armed vigilante groups]".

a). The evictions of farmers by the combined forces of the Federal Army, judicial police, public security police, and the white guards, confirm the ungovernability of Southern Mexico and the violation of civil rights by the people who should be upholding it: the government.

c). The expulsion of the three foreign priests form a part of the strategy of "dialogue and negotiation" of the bad government, as does the beatings of the Sutuar [public transportation union], the government plans to beat those who they consider allies or sympathizers of Zapatismo, to isolate the EZLN, provoking the breakdown of the dialogue and recurring to the use of military force to resolve the conflict.

d). [no omission, letter c) was not printed in JORNADA copy] The intended recipient of harassment is the Bishop Samuel Ruiz Garcia, and with him, the National Commission of Intermediation. Beating Conai, the government pretends to gain advantages in the negotiations. A mediation that is weak and beaten does not signify an EZLN that is weak and beaten. A weak mediation signifies a weak dialogue, which drags on and has poor results. This is the result after six months of following the politically repressive government in the negotiations of the Chiapaneco conflict.

e) The federal government has flagrantly violated the San Miguel Accords and the law for dialogue and reconciliation in Chiapas. It continues to proceed with its provocative and repressive acts. The Cocopa is an accomplice with its silence, and supports the governmental strategy of postponing a solution to the conflict seeking to establish a favorable opinion so it can be able to impose a genocidal plan that the Federal Army already has planned.

FIFTH. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation re-states its position: Only a profound democratization of national life will permit a solution to the crisis at a minimum social cost, and only a serious act, respectful and responsible on the part of the government in the dialogue of San Andres allows the possibility of a new peace, just and dignified for all Mexicans. The only real option for the future of Mexico is not one of a "hard" or "soft" line but of democracy or authoritarianism.


>From the mountains of the Mexican southeast.
The Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee
-General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

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