Message to the National Democratic Convention from the EZLN

31 January, 1995 Queretaro, Qro.

Brothers and Sisters:

We send you our greetings on the occasion of this Third Session of the National Democratic Convention (CND)....

We proposed three central demands in theThird Declaration that can now be added to this growing oppositional front against the State party system:

1. A transitional government for Democracy.

2. A call for a new and constituent Federal Magna Carta.

3. Destruction of the State party system....

We propose an ample front. A front whose common point is opposing the State party system and struggling for democracy. A front that includes and incorporates the largest possible number of forces with this common objective. A front above political parties, above political and social organizations, above weapons, above divisions, above differences. A front that has as a nucleus a democratizing base formed by Cardenismo [the leadership of Cuauhtemoc Cardenas], the CND and Zapatismo [the leadership of the EZLN], and that will lead the struggle for democracy in Mexico, the only dignified way out of the economic and social crisis for which we live and die.

The State party system misgoverns the country. On the front, there are many social and political forces in opposition to it. Besides the oppositional political parties and those without a party, there are many political and social organizations that, large or small, differ in their methods, objectives and history. Among these are the CND and the EZLN. By different paths we search for democracy, freedom and justice.

The large opposing front that we, the zapatistas,are calling for is the place where all these forces encounter their common point: the recognition of the State party system as the principal obstacle in reaching democracy, freedom and justice; the recognition of a common enemy will allow the forces to join and design a united struggle.

Sooner or later the State party system will be destroyed, the PRI government will be relegated to only one page in the shameful history of Mexico and, perhaps, to the topic of a soap opera that struggles to find something positive in its past existence. The ample opposing front will disappear, political parties will continue to struggle for power to carry out their proposals for the social organization of the country, but now within an equitable, free and democratic system....

With the ample opposing front, the Movement for National Liberation, the CND will not disappear; it unites with other forces that want change and, without forgetting their differences, they put those aside and agree to struggle against the common enemy: the State party system. We believe that these other forces that the CND encounters are, at a national level, cardenismo (which, as the past few days have made evident, is not the same as perredismo [the leadership of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico, PRD]) and the EZLN. The EZLN requests a place within that ample opposing front.

Brothers and Sisters:

Now, we make only two proposals to the plenary of the CND, everything that went before can be disregarded by those who say that at the last hour we give our "line" and sabotage the agreements that the state delegates put forward:

FIRST. That the CND agrees, along with citizen Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Solorzano, to call for the formation of this ample opposing front that we call the Movement for National Liberation, but that can be called anything else as you see fit. And that the CND agrees to include among its principal tasks the formation of this ample opposing front.

SECOND. That the CND recognizes the EZLN as a national political force that represents, in quantity and quality, Mexicans who struggle for democracy, freedom and justice. That the CND not disregard the EZLN. That it not ask us to wait for national political struggle. That they recognize our political and social proposals at a national level. That they not reduce us to a regional or indigenous force. That they no longer just see us as the pathetic dreamers that aspire to the impossible: democracy, freedom and justice for all Mexicans. That they not turn to us only when war is imminent or to ask us to dialogue with the government. That they not forget that we are the eternal dead, those that die in order to live.

That is all, brothers and sisters. We hope that all goes well in this, your Third Plenary of the CND. We salute all your delegates and all Mexicans throughout the country that have a voice in your voice and hope in your decisions.

All right. Salud and a new pencil case so as to begin writing history anew.

From the mountains of southeast Mexico.

The Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee
General Command of the EZLN
Mexico, January, 1995.

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