CCRI of EZLN call a cease-fire

December 30 1994

To the Pueblo (People) of Mexico
To the Pueblos (Countries-Peoples) and Governments of the World:
To the National and International Press:

The Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee-General Command of the EZLN makes known the following:

First.- Since December 19th 1994, a group of Mexican men and women have manifested themselves in diverse forms, including fasting and hunger strikes, to call for the reestablishment of the cease-fire as an immediate measure that would allow a new opportunity to dialogue and a political solution to the conflict.

Second.- Since it's recognition by the contenting factions, The National Commission for Intermediation has insisted in a deactivation of the threat of imminent war, for in that way be able to enter into a new pact of cease-fire that would be stable and would lead in a decisive way to serious and responsible dialogue between the factions.

Third.- At the International level, diverse voices have manifested themselves asking for a cease-fire and for dialogue as the roads to a resolution to the conflict.

Fourth.- The EZLN can not be deaf to these callings, from the best of national and international civilian society, and neither can it watch without being moved, how, men and women deprive themselves of nourishment in order to call attention, with their sacrifice, to a new opportunity for peace.

Fifth.- For this reasons, the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee-General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation has ordered it's military forces in the regions of "Los Altos", "Norte", and "Jungle" the suspension of all military offensive operatives from January 1st,1995 and to January 6th ,1995 inclusively. The EZLN is committed publicly, during this period, to:

- Do not attack any of the actual positions of the government forces.

- Do not undertake road blocks or any other military act that would block the roads of communication.

- To maintain the necessary distance, in order to avoid possible military clashes with government forces.

Sixth.- The EZLN reaffirms its willingness to seek the conditions of an stable cease-fire that would make possible a new dialogue, serious and responsible, for a peace with justice and dignity for all mexicans.

Translated by: Latin American Support Office,Washington,USA


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