Planned attack on Zapatista check point

San Manuel Autonomous Municipality
August 26, 2002.

To the Media
To Public Opinion
To Human Rights Organizations
To National and International Civil Society

By means of this denuncia, we would like to make public the following incidents:

1. - On August 22, several persons from the OPDIC organization met in Ach'lum Monte Li'bano to organize a new action against the security checkpoint which our companros are maintaining at the Quexil crossroads in order to prevent the flow of alcohol and drugs into the community and precious woods from being taken out.

The plan of action is to turn around at San Salvador, which belongs to the Francisco Villa Autonomous Municipality, and to destroy the Quexil checkpoint with high powered weapons.

Another of the agreements which was reached at this meeting was to set up a paramilitary roadblock at the Real crossroads, close to "La Peninsula" military checkpoint, on August 25 in order to stop zapatista support bases.

The communities which are organizing for these actions are: Taniperlas Ejido, Censo, Santa Elena, Monte Li'bano Ejido, Ach'lum Monte Li'bano Ejido, Lacando'n and Santo Domingo.

2. - Manuel Pe'rez, a paramilitary from the OPDIC paramilitary group, is patrolling the highway between Quexil and Taniperlas in a two cab C.M.P.I. red Nissan from Santo Domingo, in order to stop any autonomous authority or support base.

3. - Antonio Flores Ruiz, of the San Antonio las Delicias ejido (Pamala) is keeping watch over vehicles arriving from the San Manuel Municipality in Ocosingo, in order to point out any authorities from this Autonomous Municipality.

4. Paramilitaries have been disseminating propaganda in Altamirano and Ocosingo for the people to organize against zapatista support bases.

5. Today, 42 army vehicles entered Ocosingo, headed in the direction of Taniperlas, with several civilians. It is thought that they could have been paramilitaries who had not returned to their communities since the attack at the Quexil crossroads.

We are holding the federal and state governments responsible for any attack on our support bases and authorities, since they are the ones who are protecting these bands of paramilitaries.

Despite everything, including these actions to end our resistance, we shall continue here, seeking a dignified and just life.


Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. *********************************** Translated by irlandesa   From: Enlace Civil, A.C. Date: Monday, August 26 2002 20:17:32 -0500

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