They killed our companero, Jose' Lo'pez Santiz, through treachery.

August 19, 2002.

To the National and International Press
To Civil Society
To Human Rights Organizations
To the People of Altamirano

Sisters and Brothers:

We have come here in order to let the truth be known about the incidents which took place on August 7, where they killed our companero, Jose' Lo'pez Santiz, through treachery.

We came to this place, leaving our humble homes, in order to denounce that what they have done with the life of our companero Jose is a great Human Rights violation, ending the happiness of his children and his wife.

We came to seek our companero's assassins. Since the governments have given protection to them and to their families, we demand that they turn them over. Our Autonomous Municipalities join together in this demand for justice.

We also came in order to tell those persons who assassinate that they do not respect us, that they are trampling on our dignity, that they are enriching themselves at the cost of our sweat, suffering and blood. We came to tell them to leave this city and this region, because they have left us nothing but poverty, death and desperation.

Go, assassins!

Go, exploiters!

Go, corrupt, assassinating, unjust and treacherous officials, people without dignity!

Out, Montoya family!

Out, Utrilla family!

Out, Castellanos family!

Out, Kanter family!

Out, officials of the current presidency, accomplices to all the injustices which are committed every day in this area!

We do not forget how our General Emiliano Zapata was betrayed. Guajardo had to kill his own soldiers in order to treacherously gain the trust of Emiliano. He embraced him, he presented him with a horse, so that he could betray him. We know that history, we do not forget, and we reject this kind of cowardly killing.

We know how the ranchers and businesspersons have marginalized us. That is why everything that their relatives - who have taken refuge in anonymity in order to speak their lies - have said are well and truly lies. We are not cruel and unjust like them, we are not fighting for vengeance, and we demand that, as they were brave enough to kill, that they bravely confront the justice we are going to secure.

We ask ourselves: Why did they flee? Why are they protecting them? Why are they disguising the betrayal as a hunting accident?

Those who make use of the lie, fear the truth.

This kind of person has no place here. We demand that they come and confront justice, and that those who want to continue trampling on our dignity go very far away from here, because none of us are going to permit it any longer.

We are calling on the poor people of Altamirano to organize themselves and to no longer allow people with no dignity to live among them. We know that there are people here with dignity, who are honest, and capable of organizing a better life for their residents, not like the life imposed by the bad leaders who have always occupied this presidency.

We are also calling on civil society, on the brothers and sisters who are fighting for human rights, to help us in this struggle for justice.

This assassination incident is not the only injustice which has been committed. There is the case of the three assassinated in Morelia. Our peoples will no longer deliver any more lives into the hands of criminals, traitors and assassins.

We are holding not only this bunch of leaders and rich people from Altamirano responsible for this assassination. We are holding the state and federal powers responsible, because their actions encourage this situation, which is increasingly unjust for us, with more soldiers, more against our demand for justice. They do not understand us, they only understand their rich people, their interests. They do not understand our demands, they do not recognize us, they have no interest in us, because their interests are more important.

We are here, and this fight has just begun.

We want it to be known once and for all that the 6 de Agosto new town center is not alone.

The 17 de Noviembre Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion is not alone and

Jose vive, vive, y en la lucha sigue y sigue!

The situation we are confronting now is difficult, they are harassing us. We see how sold-out indigenous, police, soldiers, paramilitaries, are preparing, not for justice and peace, but for killing us.


The Autonomous Municipalities in Rebellion: 17 de Noviembre, Primero de Enero, Olga Isabel, Che Guevara, Vicente Guerrero, Miguel Hidalgo, Lucio Cabanas.


August 20, 2002.

To the National and International Press
To Civil Society
To Human Rights Organizations
To the People of Altamirano

Brothers and Sisters:

1. One day after our mobilization for justice, we wish to make it clear that we are not going to accept impunity, as in the cases of the 3 companeros from Morelia and the case of companera Guadalupe.

2. We are from the Autonomous Municipalities in Rebellion which have an organization, a government and an Honor and Justice Committee, and we trust only in them, since they take the word of the people, they follow the path of truth, reason and justice.

3. We shall continue the sit-in for justice in 6 de Agosto, and from there we shall continue fighting for justice.

4. We are calling on the people of Altamirano to organize themselves and to not allow people with no dignity to live in their midst.

5. This cry for justice shall not be stilled, we are calling on civil society, on Human Rights organizations, to fight along with us for Dignified Justice.

6. The paramilitaries, ranchers, businesspersons, Public Security, police, municipal presidencies, state and federal powers, are all creating a situation of violence which our people are being subjected to. This is not just, they have no right to take peoples' lives away from them, to take happiness away from children and women.

7. Our struggle as Autonomous Municipalities in Rebellion is for Justice, dignified justice, for our assassinated. Basta harassment and assassinations.

Ranchers, businesspersons, assassins, confront the campesinos' justice.

Armando, Benjami'n, Humberto and Baltazar, the people will never put up with what you have done.

Jose' vive, vive, la lucha sigue, sigue, sigue.

The people united will never be defeated.

It is seen, it is known. The Autonomous Municipalities have gone now, but they shall soon return.

Applaud, applaud, do not stop applauding Jose' Lo'pez Santiz. He shall live with the fighting people.

Here, there, the fight shall continue.

Today and always, those who assassinate the campesino people shall leave Altamirano.

Fight, brothers, fight, fight, fight, do not stop fighting, because these officials shall never stop screwing us.

We are not one, nor are we one hundred, bloody officials, count us carefully.

Chiapas, Chiapas is not a barracks. Get out of it, army.

Here shall remain, here shall live, the families who respect and have dignity,

>From north to south, from east to west, we shall win this fight, no matter what the cost.


Autonomous Municipalities in Rebellion:

17 de Noviembre, Lucio Cabanas, Che Guevara, Vicente Guerrero, Miguel Hidalgo, Primero de Enero, Olga Isabel

Auxiliary Municipal Agent

C. Miguel Me'ndez Pe'rez

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C.
Translated by irlandesa
Enlace Civil, A.C.

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