Threats expressed by the PRI municipal government of these municipality

Denouncement from the autonomous municiaplity San Andre's Sakamch'en

Autonomous municipality, San Andre's Fecha: 10:18am
Sa'bado 05 Enero 2002


The autonomous council of the municipality of San Andre's Sakamch'en de los Pobres, Chiapas, denounce and protest energetically to the public opinion against the threats expressed by the PRI municipal government of these municipality and from militants of the same party, which are the following:

FIRST: On December the 29th, 2001, for rights and obligation, the autonomous municipality council in San Andre's Sakamch'en, gave their first report of the autonomous municipality government.

SECOND: Within these report it was revealed that on November 11th 2001, the honorable autonomous municipal government received a document, declaring the disagreement of all the PRI municipality agents, supported by the municipal government from the same party, where they express disagreement with the payments from the local market, that they say the autonomous municipality authorities have no right to claim, as they are not recognized as legal authorities.

THIRD: Furthermore the same report revealed to the public that on November 29th 2001, an employee of the honorable autonomous municipality was heavily beaten up by a group of persons, wel known as paramilitaries from the municipality Aldama, Chiapas. These persons were sent to our municipality by the PRI municipal government from the Aldama municipality.

FOURTH: When these persons were arrested they received protection from the PRI municipal government of the fore mentioned municipality, as the municipality treasurer and a member of the same municipal government of Aldama, paid the injuries of the employee as well as the damage against the municipal prison, when other persons tried to release the arrested individuals. The treasurer also paid these expenses.

FIFTH: The autonomous council denounced these acts to the local population, which caused embarrassment to the Pri members. For these reasons they are now planning the following actions.

SIXTH: That a group of members of the PRI party in these days is trying to find a way to arrest the president of the autonomous municipality, the municipality trustee, the first councilman, the vice trustee and the municipality treasurer, as they are the ones that are in charge of the autonomous municipality council. If they do not achieve these aims, the PRI members say they are going to take other actions and at any moment and any place, they are going to arrest or perforate the autonomous authorities.

SEVENTH: Furthermore, the new PRI municipal president has planned to repeat what was done by the other president Marcos Diaz Nu'nez, when he ordered the dismanteling of the PRD municipal presidency on April 7th 1999.

EIGTH: Therefore if something happens to any member of the autonomous council or to any member of the PRD, we are going to hold the PRI members responsible, as they are the ones who try to provoke us in order to destabilize the peace in our municipality. We are expecting any kind of provocation directed against us, because we continue our demonstrations, governing our autonomous municipality.

San Andre's Sakamch'en de los Pobres, Diciembre 31, a~o 2001.

C. Lucas Herna'ndez Ruiz, presidente municipal auto'nomo
C. Diego Di'az Sa'ntiz, Si'ndico Municipal
C. Antonio Herna'ndez, primer regidor

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