Threathening operations performed by air or within the indigenous communities

Denouncement from the municiaplity Ricardo Flores Mago'n
Dec 29 2002

Again the autonomous municipality respectfully greets you, our brothers. We need to denounce what is constantly being repeated by the malicious Mexican government, with its soldiers involved in violence, threathening, operations performed by air or within the indigenous communities, that are located in the Monte Azules reserves, belonging to the autonomous municipality "Ricardo Flores Magon". We denounce the establishing of an military control post within Ejido San Caralampio, the over flyings and that the very same day a heavily armed military helicopter landed in the village Laguna Suspiro, close to Laguna Yankis. For your information about the events, the following:

1. Very early on December 27th a military control post was established in Ejido San Caralampio, with forced registering and interrogations of the people passing by, performing their daily activities, searching the cars, the soldiers being armed with machine guns. Violating the rigth to free mobility, causing fear and anxiety in our humble indigenous communities, located in the Taniperla canyon. After San Caralampio they continued to Ejido San Jose'.

2. On the same day, December 27th, operations were also initiated all over the canyon, where different kinds of military airplane and helicopter patrols from Cruz de Plata, over flying the communities Taniperla, San Caralampio to Ejido San Jose', and later patrolling part of the Montes Azules leaving in direction towards Ejido San Jero'nimo Tulija', controlling our rebel territory. We are not familiar with the motive for these hostilities and provocations.

3. The fore mentioned operation on December 27th at 1:30 p.m., one of the army helicopters, performed at last 3 over flies less than 30 meters above the ground, landing in Laguna Suspiro, causing damage to everybody in the village, destroying the simple palm roofs, that the people have constructed in order to protect their families from the cold.

This military hostility and repression scared the people, forcing them to stay inside their houses and keep quiet, and the soldiers began making videos and photos of the mountains, of the crops ( corn, beans, fruits and coffee ) One hour later the helicopter over flew once again, and the peasants did not leave for 2 days, fearing that the soldiers had stayed in order to patrol in the forest, the population has occupied and taken care of through many years, together with the Autonomous Municipality en Rebellion "Ricardo Flores Mago'n".

We observe that these kind of actions in addition to the operations during the latest months result in that everyday the presence of the federal army on our land is increased; it is the beginning of direct persecution and hostility towards our indigenous communities and it is foreseeable that the militarisation and the intimidation of the communities is what the malicious government is supporting.

Brothers and sisters, therefore we have decided to inform you, that the people and the authorities of the autonomous municipality, express that we are not any longer the same, we have recovered dignity, we have seen our rights, we continue to struggle to be heard and taken serious and our rights are been respected. We continue in resistance, defending our indigenous territory. We oppose the impositions of the malicious government. We publish this information so the civil society can take the necessary means to prevent these new period of direct hostility against our communities, being orchestrated because we perform the simple right of fighting for a dignified life.

Freedom, Justice and Democracy

The Autonomous Council
The Autonomous Municipality en Rebellion "Ricardo Flores Mago'n".


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