On repeated military-police incursions in La'zaro Cardenas

[2 communique's from the La'zaro Ca'rdenas Ejido]

La'zaro Ca'rdenas Ejido,
Municipality of Huituipa'n,
May 22, 2002.

To the National and International Media
To National and International Civil Society
To Enlace Civil

We are denouncing that today, at 3:00 AM, three Judicial Police patrols entered this ejido, and they were turning around inside the community. There were also federal Army troops present, who remained on the edge of the community. Since it was dark, it was not possible to see how many Judicial police and soldiers there were, nor the number of vehicles. We are making this denuncia because the incident caused great fear among the residents of the community, since it is feared that some violent incident could take place.

That is why we are asking the media to publish, nationally and internationally, these acts of provocation, which clearly show that the federal Government does not want peace.


La'zaro Ca'rdenas Ejido


Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C.
Translated by irlandesa
From: Enlace Civil, A.C. enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org
Date: Thursday, May 23, 2002 19:40:20 -0500

La'zaro Ca'rdenas Ejido,
Municipality of Huituipa'n, Chiapas.
May 3, 2002.

To Enlace Civil, A.C.
To National and International Civil Society
To the Fray Bartolome' de Las Casas Human Rights Center
To Non-Governmental Organizations
To the National and International Press
To the Federal and State Governments


We wish to inform you about and to denounce the new attempts made by federal soldiers and Public Security and Judicial police on Monday, April 29.

Two trucks, with 36 federal soldiers, and a Public Security van, full of Judicial police and paramilitary groups, with approximately 15 troops, arrived. They entered the community at about 9:00 AM, asking for people's names, giving out sweets and money to children in the street so that they would give them information or say whether or not someone was against the government or if there were any movement. They also frightened the community, saying that they would be coming back regularly with more soldiers. We know, however, that paramilitary groups from the Development, Peace and Justice organization are preparing themselves in order to attack the communities that are not in their organization. PRI leaders are organizing groups of drug addicted youths to sow terror in the communities, but we know that it is the federal and state governments which are giving these plans to those organizations, which works in their favor, by dividing and sowing all kinds of terror among the people, which is the ideological war which the bad government is using. That is why we say: Where is the change which the current government proclaims so much? Could it be that that is the change, that of organizing paramilitary groups or breaking down organization and dividing, so that there will be two or three groups of authorities in one small community? Could that be the Accords signed by the Federal Government and the EZLN, the San Andre's Accords on indigenous rights and culture? Could that be the true peace with Justice, Democracy and Dignity? Instead of resolving the problems in 15 minutes, the current government is giving us war, without ending this conflict through a true peace. We want to tell the current government of Vicente Fox and the Governor of Chiapas, Pablo Salazar, to stop the attacks against the communities, to not send their soldiers, Public Security police and paramilitary groups to the indigenous communities. The communities should not have two or three groups naming their own authorities and refusing to recognise the authority of the community. We are saying that we are not criminals and killers, we are not violent, we know to respect the laws and human beings. We do not need soldiers nor Judicial Police coming to take care of us or scaring us every time with high-powered weapons. We believe that right is not the weapons which frighten us, right is resolving social problems, carrying out what the people of Mexico need to have carried out, and to govern obeying the authorities of the people.



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Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. *********************************** Translated by irlandesa From: Enlace Civil, A.C. enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org Date: Wednesday, May 15 2002 13:50:17 -0500

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