Violations of the human rights suffered by our imprisoned friends in Tabasco

Denouncement from the political prisoners, Cerro Hueco

Cerezo No. 1 de Cerro Hueco, Tuxtla Gutie'rrez, Chiapas.
December 20th 2001


The zapatists political prisoners and bases of support united in the Cerro Hueco, denounce to the world the continuous violations of the human rights and the hostility suffered by our imprisoned friends in Tabasco, that together with us are the 9 zapatists political prisoners and bases of support, that still continue being kept hostages by the federal government and the local governments of Tabasco and Queretaro, that impede the peace process in Mexico. Our Chole - indigenous friends, Fransisco Pe'rez Va'squez and A'ngel Concepcio'n Pe'rez Gutie'rrez, father and son, has without authorization been transferred from Tacotalpa'n to Macuspana en Tabasco, which reduce the possibility of the families to visit their relatives, because they now have to travel to another state in order to see the prisoners.

It is important to mention that the first to be transferred was A'ngel Concepcio'n and that his father, Fransisco Pe'rez Va'squez, 63, suffering from a stomach decease, was threatened to be transferred to Huimanguillo, and thereby separating him from his son and family. But the hostility is not only directed towards our imprisoned friends, but also the families that come visiting are victims, as the exhausting revision now have reached a point of chicane, especially against the women, that have to undress and let them selves be touched, not by the functionary in charge, but by a police officer under the pretext of preventing drug trafficking - when it is actually themselves that facilitate and support the mafias inside the prisons, which we, the prisoners, have denounced.

The illegal transference suffered by our choile indigenous friends is nothing but the culmination of the continued acts of hostility from Nicola's Heredia Damia'n, the director of the police in the municipality Tlacotalpan, Tabasco, who further more threatens our friends sending them to the prison in Islas Marias, if they denounce these acts. In spite of that, like we, they continue the struggle denouncing that with our imprisonment it is obvious that the government does not want peace, but only wants to continue the state of war against the indigenous people.

These are examples of the sufferings of the indigenous prisoners from Chiapas, imprisoned in Tabasco, suffering imprisonment far away from their families, that in addition to the trafficking of drugs, monitored by the prisons authorities, represents obstacle to real rehabilitation inside the prisons.

In relation to these acts, we - the zapatist political prisoners and bases of support continue to insist that the hostility and the very imprisonment are nothing but acts directed by the people in power in order to destroy our fighting spirit, like in the example of our chol friend Carillo Va'squez Lo'pez, imprisoned in Villa Hermosa, Tabasco, who was sentenced first to 21 years of imprisonment. He appealed the sentence and the judge finally reduced the sentence to 12 years. The authorities protested against the verdict and he was consented to 9 years and 6 months for a crime, prefabricated by the paramilitary group "Paz y Justicia". This is the justice according to the people in power, that try to mock the just fight of the zapatista prisoners and reveal the true intention of continuing the the war, forgetting about peace that all, Mexicans want - therefore we continue to fight from within the prison. The zapatist prisoners in Cerro Hueco, in San Cristobal, in Tabasco and in Quere'taro for a dignified and just freedom for an indigenous law, guided by our own people and not the mockery of the Parliament and the immediate withdrawal of the Mexican army from the indigenous communities.

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