Bear witness to the incidents

May 26, 2002.

To the National Press.
To the International Press.
To the General Public.

Brothers and Sisters:

Once again we are denouncing those incidents which are causing us concern.

The federal army is continuing its patrols, and they are increasing in number, we have seen many soldiers passing through the Selva to the Altamirano barracks, Ocosingo, and every time they pass by they park for more than half an hour in front of our "New Dawn of the Rainbow" Commercial Center. There is much movement by the military and the Public Security police, by tanks and large new army vehicles.

We are not only worried about this harassment, we feel that the governments are once again preparing war against our communities. This is a sign that our situation is going from bad to worse, there is military harassment, there is division and there is violence.

There is indeed money for this military movement, much money in order to destroy us.

In response to all of this, we are saying that we are here, and we shall continue resisting with dignity, because our indigenous demands are just, and we are right.

We are calling on our brothers and sisters to bear witness to the incidents which we are seeing here and which all of our communities are suffering.


Ernesto Che Guevara Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. *********************************** Translated by irlandesa From: Enlace Civil, A.C. Date: Monday, May 27 2002 13:49:30 -0500

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