Same strategy, new techniques?

General Emiliano Zapata Municipal Seat
Amador Herna'ndez
June 26, 2002.

To National and International Civil Society
Brothers and Sisters of the Peoples of Mexico and of the World

You were witnesses to that battle which we confronted together when the federal Army invaded our lands in the community of Amador Herna'ndez, because the members of ARIC had asked for a highway and, in exchange for that, the federal government sent in its soldiers.

And, now, the members of ARIC are once again offering themselves up, and it is the federal government which is directing it.

We are publicly denouncing what they are doing:

1. The Fox government is using the members of ARIC in order to wage a counterinsurgency campaign in exchange for their giving them charity leftovers for what they, or the ARIC from the communities of Candelaria, Salvador Allende, Nuevo Israel, Poblado Nuevo Pichucalco, are doing in Amador Herna'ndez, Nuevo Chapultepec and Guanal. They are going around saying that "the zapatistas aren't getting anywhere with their struggle, and the government is good now." We shall not allow that, nor all the other things which they are doing and saying. It is obvious that this is all a counterinsurgency campaign which is being utilized by the federal and state governments now.

2. The ARIC leader, Manuel Lorenzo Pe'rez, of Amador Herna'ndez, is saying that "the Autonomous Municipality authorities aren't as important as our other zapatista authorities," and at the same time they are putting made up words in our mouths, saying "that's what they said," as it suits their interests for whatever it is that they want to say or do. We are not going to permit this either.

3. They violated the agreement that was made between the two parties that everything was going to be done by common accord.

4. We are publicly denouncing that Fox and Salazar Mendiguchi'a are again acting like that Zedillo and that Albores. They are simply trying to be more subtle. That "croquetas" [Albores] was quite straightforward, since he dressed up PRIs and put ski-masks on them, and they handed over weapons to them, and put them on television to say they were zapatistas who had surrendered. Now, Salazar and Fox are using organizations like ARIC to wage the campaign, and more clearly, directed by Se~or Adolfo Uribe with his organization called SORUMA (we do not know what that stands for).

5. We are making it clear that we are holding the three parties - Fox, Mendiguchi'a and those ARIC members who allow themselves to be used, as well as their leaders - responsible for any and all incidents which might take place.

6. This is what Fox is saying? That we are close to Peace, and that we are not going to hesitate? Brothers and sisters of the people of Mexico and of the world, we do not see any sign of Peace in this. Is this, perhaps, the change which the new government offered? Then the change means that we find ourselves with a government which is weaving a net of subterfuge in the way it is using the people.

7. It saddens us that it is our very own indigenous brothers who are being used, as if it is a matter of course, doing the dirty work for Fox and his neoliberal masters.

8. Fox and Salazar are giving leftovers as programs to the ARIC people, knowing that we are in area from which Fox himself wants to expel us, the Montes Azules, and that cattle need pasture lands. Cultivating the mountain lands will be the pretext for carrying out the expulsion of all the zapatistas and non-zapatistas. It is a well thought out plan.


We are making it clear that whatever they are saying are lies. We know how to fix and resolve our problems. We simply want to make it clear that they are buying our brothers with their charity programs in exchange for what we are denouncing.


The Municipal Councils

[Signatures and seals]

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. *********************************** Translated by irlandesa From: Enlace Civil, A.C. Date: Thursday, June 27 2002 13:57:33 -0500

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