Theft of corn

Nuevo Centro de Poblacio'n Patria, seat of the
Primero de Enero Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion,
State of Chiapas, Mexico.

September 1, 2002.

To the National and International Press
To the Media
To Public Opinion

Brothers and Sisters, from the seat of our above-mentioned municipality, we are denouncing the recent incidents which the ORCAO people have been perpetrating against us.

That on this August 29, a group of soldiers from that organization, who are from the Sibaca' Ejido, went to harvest corn on the lands of a member of this municipality, in the Tulipa'n Ejido. All the corn was taken from an approximately one hectare milpa, transported by horses to the above-mentioned ejido.

The people who led the theft of this corn were the same ones who participated in the May 24 incident, in the same place.

What we regret is that these thefts are being perpetrated against us by servants of the old church: catechist Antonio Jua'rez Rodri'guez and deacon Juan Me'ndez Me'ndez, and also Marcos Sa'nchez Me'ndez, who worked in the INI Regional Fund in the city of Ocosingo, Chiapas.

The deacon himself stated that all the milpas belong to them now, because the owner of the milpa has already received money from the parish of San Jacinto in the city of Ocosingo.

We categorically reject this, and the milpa's owner has not received any money. On the contrary, we shall never abandon the land, since it was land that was recovered on January 1, 1994.

We are asking the leaders of the ORCAO organization to intervene in the matter and to let the San Jacinto parish priest know about their stealing from us. We wish to make it clear that we have had enough of the threats, harassment and provocations from that organization. They think they we shall not be able to endure the great debt they are making us pay for belonging to this Autonomous Municipality.

We are declaring that, in the face of this wave of provocations, we shall resist and we shall continue fighting with dignity for our dignified place. And we are holding the municipal, state and federal governments responsible for any violent acts.


The Primero de Enero Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion,

Chiapas, Mexico.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. *********************************** Translated by irlandesa From: Enlace Civil, A.C. Date: Tuesday, September 3 2002 19:56:08 -0500

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