Denuncia issued against landowner Eli Rodri'guez

Francisco Villa Autonomous Municipality,
Chiapas, Mexico.
September 1, 2002.

To the Peoples of Mexico
To National and International Civil Society
To the National and International Press

By the undersigned, members of the Autonomous Council constituted by the Francisco Villa Autonomous Municipality. In which this denuncia is issued against landowner Eli Rodri'guez, who owns the San Andre's finca in the Municipality of Chilo'n, Chiapas.

In 1997, Senor Eli Rodri'guez Are'valo, owner of the San Andre's finca, turned the relevant portion over to the campesinos, through a purchase. Once the land had been taken over by the campesinos, they again entered into negotiations, this time with the government. There was not, however, any resolution, it merely created more problems. Seeing that the owner had not been paid for the land occupied by the campesinos, a deadline of August 30, 2002 was given for quitting the land, one way or another.

On August 31, 2002, the state Public Security police began patrolling our village, called Yaxtej, in the Francisco Villa Autonomous Municipality, Chiapas, where the Public Security police are already in place now for the moment of dislocation.

Given that it is the state government itself which caused the problem, by not paying for the San Andre's predio and by their presence once again on August 24, exacerbating the problem in coordination with the municipal president, Professor Andre's Herna'ndez. The president himself has been buying up hectares of land from the above mentioned owner, without any regard for the residents of Yaxtej. He, along with the state prosecutor and PRI people, are asking for the establishment of Public Security camps.

We are asking National and International Civil Society and the governments of the world to not allow the residents of the village to be dislocated through any means, since they have been in possession of it for 5 years, and the land belongs to those who work it.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. *********************************** Translated by irlandesa From: Enlace Civil, A.C. Date: Monday, September 2 2002 13:29:25 -0500

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