Zapatista political prisoners, will remain on our feet in struggle

Cereso No. 1, Cerro Hueco Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
August 1, 2001

To Local, National and International Media
To Civil Society
To the Zapatista Front of National Liberation (FZLN)

We, the Zapatista political prisoners, stopped our hunger strike Tuesday, July 31st, in the face of indifference from a government that doesn't listen to words of peace. For which reason we address the people of Mexico so that they do not allow themselves to be tricked by a bad government that persists in following the path of repression and violence in the face of social protests. [These social protests] demand the fulfillment of the petitions for which reason we, the Zapatistas, rose up, and for which reason we continue being incarcerated. The people of Mexico demand: work, land, shelter, food, health, education, autonomy, liberty, democracy, justice and peace. And while these demands are not met for all, our struggle will remain alive.

Our health is worn, but we have the strength of reason and dignity to continue struggling for our liberty, one of the three signs that the EZLN demands in order to reopen the road to peace. [This struggle exists] in the face of so many betrayals by the previous government and those continued by the counter policies expressed through authoritarianism.

The discourse of the powerful attempts to depict the EZLN as intransigent. There are also those who persist in the absurdity of threatening the EZLN by reactivating existing orders of apprehension, as does Cocopa member and Panista Representative Fernando Perez Noriega in his so-called Peace Plan proposal. This proposal is part of the "legal changes" that he is trying to implement in the Law for Conciliation and Dignified Peace in Chiapas, which recognizes the EZLN as a representative force of indigenous demands. This plan will not bring peace; it is a direct threat to the peace promised by the government. It seems more like a declaration of war and proof that there is no political will, but rather violence and repression which attempts to legalize war on indigenous peoples.

We, the Zapatista political prisoners, will remain on our feet in struggle for a peaceful path, although the powerful attempt to follow the road to war.

To edify Mexico with real democracy, the solution is in their hands: the fulfillment of the three signs, recognition of the San Andres Accords, the withdrawal of the military, and liberty for us, the Zapatista prisoners imprisoned in Tuxtla Gutierrez, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Tabasco and Quere'taro.

For liberty with justice and dignity,

Voz de Cerro Hueco

Salvador Lopez Gonzalez [ signature ]
Alejandro Mendez Diaz [ signature ]
Gustavo Estrada Gomez [ signature ]

Originally published by Enlace Civil _____________________________ Translated by Estacio'n Libre

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