We demand that the governor of Chiapas grant our immediate liberty

Cereso 12
Yajalon, Chiapas
July 30, 2001

To the People of Mexico
To the Media

We joined the call of the Zapatista prisoners and on the 25th of July started the hunger strike at 10am, through today the 30th of the present [illegible]...

We, the prisoners, foresee that we will not stop the strike until the federal and state governments give us an answer to the communique', that which was directed to local, national and international media so that the government of Chiapas and Mexico could listen to us, the prisoners.

We live, in flesh and blood, great injustice and corruption. The allocation of justice in this country relies more on money than on innocence and human rights inside prison. We, the prisoners, know that there will be no peace, nor development in Chiapas if the real "indigenous law" which came from the very indigenous people, is not made reality because of the current government. [We know] that the indigenous class, which does not benefit in any way, continues being deprived of our liberty with repression, aggression, and discrimination; there are many in prison. With this hunger strike that we have carried out for 120 hours in order to demand our immediate liberty and to communicate, we declare that our physical state is in poor health as a result of the time that we have endured. There are some companeros who can't withstand the pain of the stomachaches, headaches, dizziness, and blindness that government authorities have never taken into account.

We demand that the governor of Chiapas grant our immediate liberty since, for failing to do so, he will be responsible for any of the deaths that occur among those who are on hunger strike, seeing that we will not stop until we obtain our liberty. We demand the dismissal of Public Minister Lic. Carlos Alberto Laby Melendez, for his bad actions and character that always treat the indigenous class with repression, aggression and intimidation, punishing many innocent people in jail.


Carmen Cruz Balcazar 		[ signature ]
Carolina Perez Ortiz		[ signature ]
Jorge Vazquez Lopez		[ signature ]
Cresencio Hernandez Moreno	[thumbprint]
Clemente Hernandez Gomez	[thumbprint]
Avelino Moreno Gomez		[ signature ]
Julio Diaz Vazquez		[ signature ]
Marco Antonio Renales Trujillo [ signature ]
Pablo Gutierrez Perez		[ signature ]
Marco Perez Gomez		[ signature ]
Manuel Guzman Gomez		[ signature ]
Osiel Dominguez Hernandez	[ signature ]
Jose Perez Lopez		[ signature ]
Honorio Gomez Lopez		[ signature ]
Sebastian Hernandez Pilares	[ signature ]
Vicente (illegible) Perez	[thumbprint]
Jorge Lopez (illegible)		[ signature ]
Juan Hernandez (illegible)	[thumbprint]
Jose Arcos  (illegible)		[thumbprint]
Daniel Cruz Garcia		[ signature ]
Juan Aguaro Vazquez		[ signature ]
Antonio Guzman Hernandez	[ signature ]
Everardo Huerta Herrera		[ signature ]

Originally Published by Enlace Civil ------------------------------------ Translated by Estacion Libre

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