Five days without food

Cereso No. 1, Cerro Hueco Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
July 28, 2001

To Local, National, and International Media
To Civil Society
To the Chiapas Community Defenders Network
To the Fray Bartolome' de las Casas Human Rights Center
To the Zapatista Front of National Liberation (FZLN)
To the Coordinators of the National Consulta
To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

We, the political prisoners belonging to La Voz de Cerro Hueco, in the face of the indifference of authorities (shown by their failure to effect justice and give us a dignified freedom, and in that way contribute to peace in Chiapas and this country) manifest that the Zapatista prisoners imprisoned in Cerro Hueco continue this hunger strike, as a form of resistance against the bad government that insists on going back on its word.

From inside a prison that violates our human rights, we continue struggling to demand that the Fox administration honestly fulfill the three signs demanded by the EZLN in order to recommence the dialogue that will bring real democracy to the country, in which the indigenous people can take their destiny into their own hands without having to defend themselves from a government that considers them incapable of engaging in politics.

Fox promised to fulfill the indigenous demands of the Zapatista struggle, but the reality is different. We continue suffering from poverty, repression and betrayal as the government continues existing in our communities, paramilitary harassment continues and the indigenous law (which emanated from a real exercise of politics) was mocked. The government now presents the remains of a law modified by the authoritarianism of power that continues serving the most powerful, for which reason the law that they want to impose is radically rejected.

For this reason our struggle, for a country with democracy, liberty and justice, keeps us on our feet in spite of our lasting 5 days without a taste of food. Our body is weakening, but our heart continues standing firm in struggle, which is why we encouraged all the prisoners who approached the struggle to demonstrate to the people of Mexico the injustice that exists in all state and federal jails. Our heart continues shouting to the government that [the struggle] will not surrender until liberty, democracy and justice is obtained. The fulfillment of the three signs would be the beginning.

From this prison we call on all non-governmental organizations, national and international human rights organizations, the Chiapas Community Defenders Network, the Fray Bartolome de Las Casas Human Rights Center, the Zapatista Front for National Liberation (FZLN), and the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) to support this resistance and be aware that promises remain unfulfilled. The military bases may be gone, but military harassment continues in our communities. 101 prisoners remain in the cells of Tuxtla Gutierrez and San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Tabasco and Quere'taro. The indigenous law that emanated from the consulta and the council of indigenous peoples was modified unilaterally by the leaders of the national Congress, trampling on the San Andres Accords compiled by the Cocopa and attempting to impose a law that doesn't allow the real exercise of sovereignty.

This is the reality that the Fox administration seeks to hide, for which reason we make this call of resistance to reject the laws and burdens of the government which, with these acts, continues the war and closes the roads to peace.

For liberty with justice and dignity,
La Voz de Cerro Hueco

Salvador Lopez Gonzalez [ signature ]
Alejandro Mendez Diaz [ signature ]
Gustavo Estrada Gomez [ signature ]

Originally published by Enlace Civil _____________________________ Translated by Estacio'n Libre

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