Words of the EZLN In Tepoztla'n, Morelos

March 6, 2001.

Second Message [to Mexico city]:

"The silence which we - who are the color of the earth - are has been shattered. Above its pieces, we are raising ourselves up.

The possibility of our becoming again what we once were, and what we are not, is not at stake.

Neither is our being what others turn us into.

What is at stake is whether or not the place we already have, and in which we are, is recognized.

It is the possibility of being with everyone and not under the others.

The small we - of the great we which we are - does not matter.

Everyone is important: those who make laws and those who legitimize them. Those who make history and those who write it."

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
______________________ Translated by irlandesa

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