Words of the EZLN in Morelia, Michoaca'n

March 5, 2001.

Brothers and Sisters of Morelia:
Brothers and Sisters of Michoaca'n:
We, those who are the color of the earth, are here.

We came only to ask.

To ask about our journey.

To ask about the path.

To ask about the land.

To ask about the dream.

To ask about the ideal reality.

To ask about the word.

To ask about the gaze.

We came only to ask...

Who is the one who takes my voice and places words on my lips?

What other words will be birthed by these who take my voice and make words on my lips?

Is silence word already spoken, or word yet to be spoken, in the color of the earth which we are?

What different air flies our flight made word?

Whose face is his whose word walks alongside us?

When did this different face learn the same word which takes and walks us?

Why does the same word beat differently in the same heart that we are?

We came only to ask...

Why is our journey which our feet gifted us with so long? Why are we walking so far away from our land now? How shall we measure such a long journey which has taken us so far, only to find the same sorrow and similar hope?

How many steps do we have in our dark feet?

When shall they be done?

Where are they leading if everything is a way station?

Who or what is nurturing them?

Who is guiding them?

What are steps for, and what are we, dark feet which walk them?

We came only to ask...

What collective mind thought us and thinks in the dark path which we are?

Where do the differences that we are come together? From where did they take the same sound, thoughts so different, in the same path?

Are we walking, or are we quiet while the path walks us?

What does the water say which makes itself stone and burns our journey with cold?

What is the handwriting of the rain scribbling the ground which we walk and are?

Who gives heat to the sun when our journey takes shelter at night?

What are the scissors above the sky, trimming the trees and the hills which we walk? And the remaining sky? Who is keeping it in which pocket?

We came only to ask...

Who prefers the ideal?

Who loves reality more?

Who dreams reality?

Who lives their ideal?

Who is better, greater, more human? Who is embraced by reality? Who embraces the ideal?

Is it possible for the hybrid seed of reality and the ideal to grow and mature within us?

Is it possible to fight to live the ideal of reality?

We came only to ask...

Are we dreaming something, or is something dreaming us?

If we dreamed yesterday, are we not walking now, or are we going backwards?

If we dream tomorrow, do we walk very fast?

If we dream a great deal, do we rest a great deal?

If we dream sleeplessness, do we stay up because of the dream?

If we do not dream, do we dream that we are not dreaming?

If we dream the dream, then is it reality we are experiencing?

We came only to ask...

Are we only the color of the earth? Or are we also earth which is the color of the earth?

Is the land which grows upwards from our land growing further away?

If we are of the earth, are we free or slaves?

When we live, is the earth our food? And when we die, do we feed the earth?

Is our land the one which is called "Land of No One?"

Do we work the earth, or does she work us and extract the color which we are of the earth?

Are we owners of the land, or do we belong to the land?

We came only to ask...

When the brother sees us, is he looking at us?

When the brother does not see us, does he forget us?

The one who loathes us, is it because he does not see us? Because he sees us seeing him? Because he does not see us seeing him?

The one who sees us as bad, is he not looking at us?

When we look, are we only looking at them looking at us?

Can one be looked at who is only looked at?

Who is the one who can stop seeing us looking and look at us?

We came only to ask...

We are calling you to ask.

We came to ask.

To ask we are going.

Do they recognize us as indigenous? Do they recognize us as Mexicans?

We came for the response.

For the response we are going.

>From Morelia, Michoaca'n.
Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee
- General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
Mexico, March of 2001.

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN ______________________ Translated by irlandesa

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