EZLN to accepts invitation to engage in dialogue in the Congress of the Union

March 22, 2001.

To the People of Mexico:
To the Peoples and Governments of the World:

Brothers and Sisters:

First. - Today, in the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union, a group of legislators from the Green Party, from the Labor Party, from the Democratic Revolutionary Party and from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, reached an agreement that will allow delegates from the EZLN to use the main tribune of the legislative palace of San La'zaro, the seat of the Congress of the Union.

Second. - The agreement will facilitate the zapatistas engaging in dialogue with the Constitutional Matters and Indigenous Affairs Committees of the Chamber of Deputies. It will also facilitate participation by the members of the Political Coordination Committee, by the Cocopa and by the Legislative Studies Committee of the Senate, and, in addition, by Deputies and Senators.

Third. - The EZLN believes that this agreement was made possible by the national and international mobilization for the recognition of indigenous rights and culture, and by the sensitivity of an important group of legislators, primarily in the Chamber of Deputies, and, to a lesser degree, in the Senate.

Fourth. - The EZLN has decided to accept this invitation to engage in dialogue in the Congress of the Union.

Fifth. - Consequently, the EZLN has decided to postpone the delegation's departure from the Federal District, which had originally been planned for tomorrow, Friday, March 23, 2001.

Sixth. - The zapatista delegation has instructed the architect Fernandez Yanez to make contact, as soon as possible, with the Political Coordinating Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, in order to reach agreement with them on the mechanics of the meeting for dialogue between the Congress and the zapatistas.

Seventh. - If there are no catches, the EZLN will be in the highest tribune of the Republic, promoting the constitutional recognition of indigenous rights and culture.


>From the National School of Anthropology and History.

Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee - General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Mexico, March of 2001.

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN _______________________ Translated by irlandesa

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