Guadalupe el Tepeyac: we have decided to reconstruct our homes again

Communique by Guadalupe el Tepeyac

To International and National Civil Society
To NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations)
To the Women and Men of Mexico and the World

Brothers and Sisters,

We, the exhiled women and men of Guadalupe el Tepeyac and the bases of support from the Zapatista National Liberation Army, understood from the start that our problems, the problems of all Mexicanos, and of all humanity would only be resolved through a struggle for rights denied from us. That is why there is need for a broader movement where we all participate and fight together for liberty, justice, and democracy. We have seen the Mexican federal army leave Guadalupe el Tepeyac because of our united struggle against their injustices.

Thanks to the international and national civil society, we have witnessed the demilitarization of the 7 positions demanded by the EZLN. Within those 7 positions our humble town, Guadalupe el Tepeyac, is included.

During the time that Guadalupe el Tepeyac was used as a military barracks, the army destroyed and robbed everything that belonged to us, including the aluminum roofs and wood boards from our houses. They also destroyed our coffee plantations and other things. Now that the army has left, we have decided to reconstruct our homes again and live with our families in struggle against the bad government who continues to oppress us. We are up to now, a people in exile. We are and will continue to be a people in rebellion. We are and will always be a people in resistance.

Brothers and Sisters from the international and national civil society, in sight of our reconstruction of our community, we will not accept funds from federal, state, or municipal entities. We will also not accept funds from any institutional bank, even if they support our cause. We will not accept anything from them, nor will we accept pittances and help. We will not sell ourselves nor will we be fooled. We will continue to struggle until our demands are met. That is why we are asking civil society to help us start rebuilding our homes through monetary help and presence. Together we can rebuild homes that lack aluminum roofs, wood boards, and fences. With your help we can continue to fight for our demands. At the same time we invite you to Guadalupe el Tepeyac Zapatista, one of many communities in struggle.

Brothers and Sisters, for us to return, it is necessary to have our homes to sleep in and to eat in, that way we can return with dignity. That is why we are asking for your help via Enlace Civil in San Cristobal de las Casas. And for those that come with us, we await and welcome you.



Firmas: Comisariado Ejidal Secretario Tesorero Agente Municipal

If you are helping with monetary solidarity, you can make a deposit at the following account number:

[If anyone is interested in donations for Guadalupe Tepeyac, they should contact Enlace Civil by e-mail or phone and they'll give them the appropriate account number.]

We are asking that if you are making a deposit that you send an email to with a date and amount of the deposit.


ENLACE CIVIL, A.C. 20 de Noviembre no. 36 Barrio de Mexicanos C.P. 29240 San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas Mexico Telephone: (967) 82104 TeleFax: (967) 88465

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