Cerro Hueco prisoners support the 3 demands

Circulated Sunday, January 14

To National and International Civil Society
To the Local, National and International Press

Brothers and sisters, today we are speaking our word, as we have always spoken it, from behind bars. No one shall be able to silence our dignity, even though they are keeping us behind bars, which is how the Zedillo and Albores governments were going to finish off us, we, the most poor, those who are seeking a true peace with justice and dignity. As our zapatista army said, ya basta to the bad impugn government which is against the most unprotected.

Sisters and brothers: We are Zapatista Army of National Liberation support bases and sympathizers, confined in Cereso #5 of San Cristo'bal de Las Casas, Chiapas, organized as our communities are organized, we are now organized in jail. They will not silence our lips from demanding Justice, Liberty and Dignity, bread, roofs, education, land, work. That is why we wish to state that today, January 12, many voices are speaking, just as many Mexicans shouted for the cease-fire on January 12, 1994, in favor of peace, and not war. But the governments of Albores and Zedillo responded to peace with the dirty war, creating paramilitaries, persecution, repression, imprisonment, deaths, like those of our brothers at Acteal, who were fighting for an honest and true change for the Indian peoples of Mexico, and the right to live in accordance with our uses and customs.

Brothers and sisters: We, as Mexican men and women, must fight for respect, demanding that the current governments of Vicente Fox and Pablo Salazar, governor of the state, keep their word and release all the prisoners, Zapatista Army of National Liberation support bases and sympathizers.

That the government withdraw the federal army from our sister communities, which are being used as military barracks for counterinsurgency.

That the San Andre's Accords be fulfilled, so that the most unprotected of our patria will never again be forgotten, because the patria will be free in that way, when a new government governs obeying.


Liberty for all the zapatista prisoners in Cerro Hueco Jail #1, Cereso #5 San Cristo'bal de Las Casas, Ocosingo, Cereso #12 of Yajalo'n, Tapachula, Tabasco: 2 compa~eros in the municipal jail in Tacotalpa, Tabasco, by the names of: Franciso Pe'rez Va'zquez and Angel Concepcio'n Pe'rez Vela'zquez, and our brothers who are imprisoned in Guerrero.


The Zapatista Army of National Liberation support bases and sympathizers from the Cereso #5 of San Cristo'bal de Las Casas.

Rafael Lo'pez Santiz, File #103/93. Sentenced.
Jose' Luis Ruiz Ruiz, File #284/98. Processed.
Manuel Jime'nez Va'zquez, File #284/98. Processed.
Ernesto Cameras Ruiz, File #170/89. Sentenced.
Margarito Gonza'lez Espinoza, File #136/2000. Processed.
Manuel Penate Lo'pez, File #315/98. Sentenced.
Nicola's Pe'rez Nu'~ez, File #229/97. Processed.
Bonifacio Lo'pez Gomes, File #424/98. Processed.
Carlos Najera Gonza'lez, File #007/2000. Processed.
Diego Pe'rez Lo'pez, File #109/98. Sentenced.
Manuel Sa'nchez Pe'rez, File #64/2000. Sentenced.
Mariano Nu'~ez Jiro'n, File #250/98. Sentenced.
Isidro Encin Pe'rez, File #290/2000. Processed.
Natalio Encin Pe'rez, File #290/2000. Processed.
Vicente Ruiz Ruiz, File #331/98, 334/98. Processed.
Marti'n Lo'pez Santiz, File #331/98, 334/98. Processed.
Manuel Ruiz Ruiz, File #334/98. Processed.
Rosendo Go'mez Ruiz, File #189/98. Sentenced.
Gerardo Landa Sa'nchez, File #005/2000, 32/2000. Processed.


Rafael Lo'pez Santiz [signature]
Jose' Ruiz Ruiz [signature]
Margarito Gonza'lez Espinoza [signature]
Responsible for the publication, representing the support bases and sympathizers, Artemio Rami'rez Torres.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org> _________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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