Attack on international observers in Roberto Barrios

Denouncement from Roberto Barrios,
July 14 2001

To the national and international press.
To the national and international civil society.

On Thursday, 12 of July at 16:30, while a group of 5 international observers were cleaning up together in the kitchen of the camp, Mr. Humberto Balcazar Mendoza, paramilitary leader and a collaborator of the Migration stopped in the way separating the Aguascaliente from the camp.

From there this person called the attention of the international observers, and summoned one of the women to approach him, when he didn't obtain an answer he abandoned the way and entered the camp area.

Immediately afterwards he placed himself behind another international observer and admonished him from behind. When he didn't obtain an answer from this one he approached another and began to attack him verbaly as well as physically. In view of this clear aggression and the panic it caused, the guard of the Aguascalientes was requested for help. Anticipating their quick appearance, the aggressor fled hastily.

This new aggression is framed within the present situation of tension existing in the community of Roberto Barrios, of which the following events are an example:

- the catechist of the community receives a threatening letter.
- People who cut the electricity cable of the autonomous regional clinic
- military vehicle is seen in the neighborhoods of the community
- drunk PRIista insults the guard of the Aguascalientes
- military helicopter flies over the community
- Military presence in the community of Samaritano (20 minutes further away by car)
- Aggressions, robberies and threats against an authority of Roberto Barrios.
- Presumed intention of robbery on the property of one of the authorities
- Insulting inscriptions at the cascades of Roberto Barrios directed against the international observers.
- intimidating speech of the SEP made public through the loudspeakers of the school.
- Expression of aggressions against the international observers: insults, intimidating glances, physical aggressions (stone throwing), robbing of properties (cameras, passports....)

In view of the progressive increase of the psychological as well as physical pressure and in anticipation of future aggressions, we international observers gathered in the community of Roberto Barrios, denounce and will denounce any type of aggression.

Seal and signature of the President of the Ejidal Comisariado of Roberto Barrios.

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