Offensive planned by the government to construct a golf course

Autonomous Municipality El Trabajo
June 27, 2001

To the national and international civil society:
To the national and international press:

A few days ago the state government inaugurated a breach between the way of Samaritano and the Ocosingo highway. In addition to this, the section of the way of Samaritano to Roberto Barrios was fixed, which has been constructed in February 1994 to allow the entrance of the Federal Army.

With the opening of this breach, this way is again used by the Army to enter the municipality, with the pretext of cutting hair, giving medicines and pulling teeth, passing through the communities of America Libre, Nuevo Mundo, Luis Echeverria and Nuevo Samaritano, thus surrounding the communities and the Aguascalientes of Roberto Barrios, since the detent in Crucero Arimatea still continues, less than three kilometers from the Aguascalientes, where there is a way to Terraceria.

We believe that this is a part of the new offensive planed by the government to construct a golf course in the cascades of Roberto Barrios, just like the death threat to one of the catechists of the community for having explained to the people what the Plan Pluebla-Panama is.

It is known that the Army is going to return on July 20, to hold a workshop on carpentry in the community Nuevo Samaritano. This worries the ejidatarios who are neighbours of this community because their agrarian lands could be invaded by the Army, as it already happened before with the military camp that harassed the communities of this municipality since February 96 till last January when that camp was withdrawn.

In view of these facts, we demand to end this harassment disgused as aid of the Federal Army against our communities.

The autonomous authorities of the Ejido.

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