Attack on mural by ORCAO

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October 28, 2001

On October 28, 2001. at three thirty in the afternoon, residents from the community of Cuxulja' who belong to the ORCAO organization arrived here. They came organized, in order to paint over the mural in the business center of Nuevo Amanecer del Arco Iris, created by the efforts of the Autonomous Municipalities in Rebellion: 17 de Noviembre, Lucio Cabanas, Olga Isabel, Miguel Hidalgo, 1st de Enero, Vicente Guerrero and Ernesto Che Guevara. They painted over the mural. They burned the board where the name of the center was mentioned. The financial cost of the mural did not matter to them, nor did the human effort that was put into its creation. In addition, they cut the electricity and attacked and threatened our companeros who were working in the store.

Companeros from the community of Moise's Gandhi arrived peacefully in order to see what was going on in the store. The people from ORCAO began to gather together and to surround and to verbally attack, as well as to beat, the companeros from Moise's Gandhi who were there.

They also attacked the campamentistas, trying to take away the cameras they were carrying. They carried one of them [a campamentista] to a group of ORCAO people and beat him up. With the help of Moise's Gandhi authorities, the campamentista was rescued peacefully. This was the moment the attackers took advantage of in order to beat the companeros. Many of the attackers were drunk when they carried out these acts.

Once the Moise's Gandhi companeros had already left, Public Security came by, and, despite seeing the fire that was still burning, they stopped for only a moment and left, without doing anything other than talking to those who had been attacked.

Among the attackers, we are denouncing the following, among others:

Juan Sa'ntiz Go'mez Marti'n Go'mez Lo'pez Marti'n Lo'pez Mu~oz Lorenzo Sa'ntiz Lo'pez Marcos Lo'pez Go'mez Jero'nimo Sa'ntiz Go'mez Agusti'n Go'mez Sa'ntiz Jose' Lo'pez Mu~oz Miguel Lo'pez Go'mez Felipe Lo'pez Go'mez Roberto Lo'pez Go'mez Isidro Go'mez Sa'ntiz Anselmo Lo'pez Go'mez Nicola's Go'mez Sa'ntiz

Joaqui'n Lo'pez Go'mez, a teacher in the community of Cuxulja', is the person who organized the people. Joaqui'n Lo'pez said that he had received more money from the government to maintain surveillance on the entrance and exit from Moise's Gandhi than from being a teacher in the community. He is the one who has been heading all these acts of provocation and violence.

At 6:15 PM the leaders of the ORCAO organization also arrived: Nicola's Lo'pez Go'mez, Juan Va'zquez Lo'pez y Cristo'bal.

After this, the attackers put a lock and chain on the store so that the companeros were not able to enter their own store.

At 9:30 PM, at the moment when we were getting ready to leave the community of Moise's Gandhi, in order to take this denuncia and the photographs which had been taken, the ORCAO people closed off the route, putting up barbed wire between the Cuxulja' crossroads and the dirt road which leads to that community, thus preventing entering and leaving and the companeros' free transit.

Around 1 in the morning the Public Security police were at the Cuxulja' crossroads, patrolling and accompanying the attackers' provocations.

In response to this provocation, we are demanding respect for our work, and that is why we are making this public denuncia.

We are asking the ORCAO people and leaders, if they are indeed an independent organization, to respect our honorable work, since it is not the first time that they have caused provocations and kept surveillance over those entering and leaving the community of Moise's Gandhi.

We hold the government responsible for allowing these incidents to occur, since the Public Security police helped the group which had been provoking and, in the face of these acts, they did nothing to prevent them.

We are also adding to this denuncia that, on Wednesday, October 24, 2001, residents of the community of Abasolo saw armed people passing by their community, approximately 50 persons heading towards the Moise's Gandhi community. Since it was raining, the armed people had their backpacks covered with their blue cloaks. It is not the first time that this has happened. They have been seen leaving and entering the community and taking public transportation.

It has been rumored that Martha Sahagu'n, Vicente Fox's wife, will be arriving in Abasolo on the 29th of this month, in order to inaugurate the micro-regional center in that community, providing benefits.


Autonomous Municipalities in Rebellion:

Vicente Guerrero
Miguel Hidalgo
17 de Noviembre
1st de Enero
Olga Isabel
Lucio Caba~as
Ernesto Che Guevara

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. ________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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