Public Security may be reentering Taniperla

Ricardo Flores Mago'n Autonomous Municipality in Rebellion

December 4, 2001 Chiapas, Mexico.

To the People of Mexico
To the Peoples of the World.

Brothers and Sisters:

We find it necessary today to send you a denuncia concerning the threats and rumors of violence and militarization which are being spread day after day in our communities in dignified resistance. Today they have once again touched our indigenous community of Taniperla, where incidents and movements have taken place which are leading us to think that the repressive forces of the State Public Security Police are returning.

1. On November 18, the PRIs and some members of ARIC held a special meeting, at which they reached an agreement, and they immediately set up three checkpoints in the community, in order to harass the support bases and those who do not agree with them. The excuse they made was the purported arrival of five thousand zapatistas, rumors which they knew to be completely false.

2. They had the Commander of the Ocosingo Public Security Police, Teofilo Lo'pez Toledo, come, and he arrived, accompanied by more than ten persons with rifles, in vehicles #SP071, #SP021 and #F250. The Commander told the PRIs that the Public Security Police would re-enter the ejido if they presented a request.

3. On November 28, the PRIs met once again in order to draw up, sign and send the request.

4. This Autonomous Municipality, just like the majority of the community of Taniperla, absolutely rejects the entrance of the Public Security Police, and that of any other repressive force, into this community, or into any part of the territory of the Ricardo Flores Mago'n Autonomi'a. If this takes place, we will consider it to be an act of provocation and a violation of the rights of the indigenous peoples, of the human rights of its people and one more failure to carry out the San Andre's Accords. And we are warning that this people in struggle and resistance will no longer permit these abuses.

Ricardo Flores Mago'n Autonomous Council

Signed and sealed.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. _________________________ Translated by irlandesa   December 8 2001 09:41:29 -0600

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