Governments of Senor Salazar Mendiguchi'a and Fox are using the same strategies as Albores and Zedillo,

Municipal Council San Pedro de Michoaca'n Municipal Seat, Chiapas,
Mexico. May 21, 2001.

To National and International Civil Society.

Brothers, we are publicly denouncing what is taking place in our municipality, in order to let it be known that the governments of Senor Salazar Mendiguchi'a and Fox are using the same strategies as Albores and Zedillo, and there is no way in which any change can be seen, and lack of respect continues on zapatista lands, where we are not taken into account, as if we were of no value to them.

On this May 19, 3 PRI ejidos - being San Juan del Pozo, Villa Las Rosas and Libertad El Salvador - were visited by an engineer whose name we do not know. He was putting in a diversion in La Providencia property in order to lead to those communities. At the same time, some machines were approaching, where they were going to cross a zapatista property, which was not at any moment taken into consideration, in order to see if they would give them permission to destroy part of their land.

In its passage through that property, coffee plantations were going to be destroyed, trees which the owner has conserved, in addition to the land which would then be rendered unusable - without the consent of the owner.

This reflects a direct provocation by these governments against us, not respecting our lands because of the fact that we are zapatistas. Do you think that this is correct, not respecting our lands or that we are not worth anything? That is why the companeros from our villages asked us, as representatives of our municipality, to publicly denounce what is taking place.

But we are publicly declaring that we must continue fighting for our rights to be respected, and we shall not rest, whatever the consequences and whatever the price.

The Autonomous Authorities May 21, 2001.
[Signature and Seal]

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <> ___________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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