Cancel the permits for the sale of the wood

Denuncia to the Public

Brothers and Sisters
To the National and International Press

The Authorities of the Autonomous Municipal Seat of Francisco Gomez, Chiapas, Mexico:

Denounce the following:


In the Ro'mulo Calzada ejido of this Autonomous Municipality of Francisco Gomez, Chiapas,

We are denouncing that some people from the Government are making a study, marking valuable trees in the community of Ro'mulo Calzada,

And we are therefore denouncing that the department in charge of them should cancel the permits for the sale of the wood.

We, the Authorities of this Municipality, do not agree that the buyers of wood should be able to enter without the permission of the Autonomous Authorities, even less would we allow them to destroy our forests and mountains in our zapatista lands.

In addition, only a very few ejiditarios are in agreement, and the Zapatista Ejiditarios are not in agreement. The largest part of the precious woods are on national lands: that is why we are defending it, so that they do not destroy the mountain. That is why we are demanding that the authorities cancel the permits, in order to prevent the provocation of problems in our Autonomous Municipality of Francisco Gomez, Chiapas, Mexico.


Pedro Gutie'rrez Guzma'n Roberto Cruz Jimenez Autonomous Authorities of Francisco Gomez, Chiapas

[signatures and seal]

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, 
A.C. <> 
Translated by irlandesa 

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