Tree felling will only benefit the company

May 20, 2001.

To: National and International Newspapers
From: Ro'mulo Calzada, Francisco Gomez Municipality, Chiapas.
Subject: Denuncia

1. - We are denouncing - that the government of Chiapas and the SEMARNAT are manipulating the humble and honest people with their lying language.

2. - The government of Chiapas, through its departments, are going around dividing the communities, especially in those communities where the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) has a presence.

3. - The government of Chiapas is deceiving the people with their false lies so that they can keep themselves in power.

4. - Neither the government of the Republic, nor of the State, are carrying out the SAN ANDRE'S SACAMCH'EN DE LOS POBRES ACCORDS. We will not take anything from the bad government, and we shall continue in resistance.

5. - The government of Chiapas and SEMARNAT granted a permit for taking valuable wood in the Ro'mulo Calzada ejido, and half of the ejiditarios do not agree with this permit.

6. - We are asking the government to reject this permit, because it will only lead to a huge problem within the ejido, since we are in disagreement over this permit.

7. - If the government does not reject this permit, and if something comes to pass inside the community, it will then be the government's responsibility. That is why we, the ejiditarios, do not want any problems.

8. - The ejiditarios who disagree with this permit are asking for the cancellation of those technicians, who are travelling around and reviewing the land occupied by the Ejido. If they are not cancelled, other measures will be taken.

9. - As EZLN support bases, we are not in agreement since our future children will not have the opportunities our ancestors had.

10. - In addition, the ejiditarios who disagree with this permit do not want the mountain to be destroyed, since they left it as mountainous land.

11. - There is also a piece of land in the ejido which is national, which does not belong to the Ejido, and that is where the majority of the precious wood is, such as caoba and cedar, and they are continuing to sell it because the government is allowing it to be done.

12. - The ejiditarios disagree with the permit, which will be of no benefit to us, but which will only benefit the company which will buy the wood along with the government.

If the government wants to be of use to us and to move us out of our poverty, let them carry out and sign the San Andre's Accords.

Signed by the Authorities.
Santiago Pe'rez Hedez (Agent) Marcos Pruebas Lo'pez (Substitute)
[signatures and seal]

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <> ___________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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