La Florida threats against 10 de Abril

Denuncia from 10 de Abril
October 1, 2001.
To Enlace Civil To the Office of Human Rights

Through this means, we wish to make public the threats and intimidation which are being inflicted on the Authorities and residents of this community by members of the community of La Florida, for the purpose of taking our lands away from us and occupying part of them. These threats, which they have been making against us for some months now, are very dangerous, and could lead to the loss of lives, as they are threatening to attack us with weapons and machetes in order to make us abandon our lands. We also wish to denounce the support which the PRD party is giving to these threats, and we are holding Don Gabriel Montoya and Carmelino Torres responsible. These people are giving ideas to the people from La Florida, who are saying that, if we do not give them our lands, something like Acteal is going to happen here.

This is very serious. We are in great danger in the community of 10 de Abril. We are making this denuncia in order to secure the support which will allow us to peacefully maintain our lands.

10 de Abril September 2001.


Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. __________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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