Paramilitaries harass Nicola's Ruiz

Nicola's Ruiz,
March 1, 2000.

To the National and International Press.
To the Local Press.
To National and International Civil Society.
To Non-Governmental Organizations.
To the President of the United Mexican States.
To the Department of Government.
To the Chiapas State Government.
To Public Opinion in General.

We are the mothers and wives of the companeros who were beaten and choked with tear gas, who are denouncing the following violent incidents:

Today, at 8:15 in the morning, when our husbands were working the communal lands called "El Reparo," barely 2 kilometers to the south of the community, armed paramilitaries appeared, firing weapons, and tear gas was launched by Public Security, who were protecting the paramilitaries and insubordinates; and in proof of this, we have five wounded, by the names of: Abel Go'mez Hernandez, Argelio Santiz Lo'pez, Jose' Roberto Moreno Lo'pez, Eron Moreno Me'ndez and Alejandro Jua'rez Me'ndez, who were wounded in the attack carried out by the PRI and insubordinate paramilitary group.

We vehemently condemn the violent incidents which occurred, since the public minister was present at the scene of the events, and he saw how they ambushed our husbands, such that it appears they he was giving them aid and encouragement, as well as Public Security, who supposedly protects the community: that today they were accomplices in said act.

The PRI paramilitary group, led by Jorge Di'az Jime'nez, Paulino Pe'rez Pe'rez, Mario Moreno Gonza'lez, Felix Moreno Gonzalez - advised by Public Ministry and Public Security - threw rocks at, and set fire to, the 3-ton truck belonging to Senor Paulino Pe'rez Pe'rez.

We vehemently condemn the incidents perpetrated by Public Security moments after returning to the place where the events occurred, since they threw tear gas into the Primary School, the Tele-Secondary School and Hostel, for the purpose of frightening and dislocating our children.

We are asking ourselves why they are trying to frighten our children; we are asking all organizations for urgent action, since the violent aggression we are being subjected to is constant; and we are holding the State Government, the Department of Government and other agencies responsible. They are acting as go-betweens and giving bad counsel to the group of insubordinates , by trying to destabilize.

We women of Nicola's Ruiz are demanding that this problem be resolved, since we are continuously being subjected to threats and ridicule, and - according to them - they are being supported by the State Government and Public Security. We are demanding the transfer of the paramilitary group, so that the community may live in peace.


The General Assembly of Women of Nicolas Ruiz

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil A.C. _________________________ Translated by irlandesa Date: Thursday, March 2, 2000 9:51 AM  

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