Army raids zapatista school 'looking for marijuana'

Emiliano Zapata Community
Municipality of Chalchihuita'n |
June 27, 2000.

To Public Opinion
To the Governments of the World
To National and International Human Rights Organizations
To National and International Civil Society
To Non-Governmental Organizations

We, the undersigned, as residents of the above-mentioned Municipality, are denouncing to the public those incidents which took place by the Mexican army on Monday, June 26 of the year 2000. At about 1:00 in the afternoon, 11 Mexican army trucks arrived, with an estimated 200 soldiers. They occupied the primary school and spoke directly with the teachers who are working in the community. The Army Commander told the teachers to vacate the classrooms immediately, so that they could stay there. The children, as well as the teachers, had to leave the school. They also surrounded a house belonging to one of our companeros, pointing their weapons at the house. All the women, boys, girls and old ones were frightened by the arrival of the army. It is not the first time they have come, they have entered on many occasions. They left the school quite filthy, with toilet paper strewn about.

This is why we are making the public denuncia, because we do not want them coming to bother our children. We only want our children to have an education.

The Mexican army's excuse is looking for marijuana so that they can harass the people of the community.

We demand that they leave our community immediately. We are making it perfectly clear that we do not support the planting of marijuana. The ones growing the bad weed are the PRIs themselves, and through their own people in the government.


Municipal Agent and President of the Education Committee

Marti'n Pe'rez Garci'a
Marti'n Pe'rez Diaz
Manuel Pe'rez Diaz

Signed and sealed.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil,
A.C. <>
Translated by irlandesa

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