Leave our lands, let us live in peace

San Manuel New Town,
Francisco Go'mez Autonomous Municipality
August 3, 2000.


To the National and International Press
To Public Opinion

Brothers and Sisters

We, who have been EZLN support bases since the year of 1994, have recovered this land, which was previously called San Jacinto by the owner, but now we are the true owners. But the government has organized their people to dislocate us from our town and from our belongings through the CNC members. They have also take possession of the land which belongs to us, and the ones from the CNC are provoking many problems, which are the following:


FIRST. - Since the moment that the ones from the CNC came, in order to take possession of our lands, they have caused many problems in many ways:

A) They take our animals from the pasture and chase them into the road.

B) They destroy our fields, they cut down our squash and chop them into pieces.

C) They take our beans out of our houses and throw them on the ground.

SECOND. - The brothers from the CNC have entered our houses to steal the women's clothing.

THIRD. - The ones from the CNC have made false charges against us to the public minister in the common court.

FOURTH. - And they have tried to destroy our houses with rocks, and once they fired into the air in order to frighten us.

FIFTH. - The ones from the CNC have requested the presence of the public security forces, and the public security forces have come to our land. They come to frighten us where we are working, and once a compa~ero of ours was detained by public security.

SIXTH. - On May 26, 2000, a companero of ours was detained by the judicial police when he was making his purchases in the city of Ocosingo.

SEVENTH. - We have had our place surrounded by fences, and the ones from the CNC have destroyed them, they have cut down the posts and the wire.

EIGHTH. - Another group of people called La Lechera, these are the ones who delivered their weapons in 1998 and they are the ones responsible for these incidents, they are the ones who have divided the people and the government itself, and the government itself has been organizing them.

NINTH. - This Monday, July 31, 2000, they destroyed our fences, they have cut down our posts, they cut our rolls of fencing into pieces.

TENTH. - We have had dialogue with them and with the public minister in Ocosingo and the Assistant Prosecutor for Justice, and they committed to relocating the CNC and La Lechera group. They told them they we going to give them land in another place.



FIRST. - That La Lechera group and the ones from the CNC leave our lands, that they let us live in peace.

SECOND. - We are asking the authorities of the armed forces not to intervene, because we are not fighting, we are only asking that the San Andre's Accords be carried out, and we are defending our rights which belong to us.

THIRD. - We are letting it be known that we are not kidnappers. The detainees are in a well maintained place, well cared for. We are not bothering them, and we are taking very good care of them, and, if the problem is dealt with quickly, they will be released quickly, the detainees.

FOURTH. - We are telling public opinion that what Chember is inventing is absolute lies. It is not true what he is saying, that we are eating and killing his animals.



Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil <enlacecivil@laneta.apc.org> _________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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