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Potobtic Development San Andre's Sacamch'en de los Pobres Municipality
July 18, 2000.

Matter: Denuncia

We are denouncing to the national and international public the PRI government's attitude, represented by the Municipal President of San Andre's, along with the state government, represented by Senor Roberto Albores Guille'n and Ernesto Zedillo, who have been provoking confrontations between indigenous from different social organizations and PRIs from each community.

Such as happened today in the case of the Potobtic development in the same municipality, where the PRIs are provoking PRD sympathizers, in order to bring about something similar to what happened in Acteal, Chavajebel, Union Progreso and other places, where blood has been spilled among indigenous when they are in confrontations.

We are noting the dates of meetings which PRIs have held clandestinely:

- On July 6, 2000, 14 persons met at the residence of Senor Diego Herna'ndez Herna'ndez in the community of Potobtic, in order to plan actions attacking the PRD.

- On July 7, 2000, the following persons met in the home of Marcos Go'mez Gonza'lez, at 12:30 AM, in order to plan the same kinds of actions, headed by Senor Marcos himself: Manuel Herna'ndez Go'mez, Sebastian Go'mez Herna'ndez, Lucas Go'mez Herna'ndez, Lucas Go'mez Nu'nez and Miguel Herna'ndez Ruiz, the PRI Municipal Agent, Eliseo Herna'ndez Go'mez, Security Counselor Lucas Ruiz Pe'rez, Progresa Committee. These are the persons who are destabilizing the community.

- On July 8, 2000, 12 persons also met in the mountain, some 200 meters from the home of Senor Manuel Go'mez Herna'ndez of the PRD.

- On July 9, 2000, 9 persons met in the mountain, some 300 meters from the home of Senor Manuel Go'mez Herna'ndez.

- On July 13, 2000, 7 young men met in the sand bank 300 meters from the community.

- On July 14, 2000. 6 young men met in the same place (gravel bank).

- On July 15, 2000, 9 persons met close to the gravel bank.

- On July 16, 2000, 10 persons met in the mountain, 200 meters from the community.

- On July 18, 2000. 8 persons met and then threw rocks at the home of Senor Manuel Herna'ndez Herna'ndez, Antonio Herna'ndez Herna'ndez and Lorenzo Herna'ndez Herna'ndez.

Lastly, we categorically reject all those actions which all the PRIs are attempting to carry out against us as members of the PRD.

We also categorically reject the actions they are trying to take against this community of Potobtic.

We, as members of the PRD, believe that all indigenous are brothers and sisters, and we do not want another Acteal to take place, because of the municipal, state and federal governments. If these provocations lead to confrontations among us, we are holding the 3 levels of government, and the PRIs from the community of Potobtic, responsible.

All of these attitudes by those governing are doing nothing to guarantee peace in Chiapas, when all the indigenous are being persecuted, imprisoned and threatened by the PRIs in each community.


Auxiliary Municipal Agent

Miguel Herna'ndez Herna'ndez

Autonomous Council Municipal
Presidency San Andre's Sacamch'en Chiapas.

Originally published in Spanish by Enlace Civil, A.C. <> ________________________ Translated by irlandesa Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2000

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